5 Positives And 6 Drawbacks of a Long Term Relationship [2019]

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Having a girlfriend and a long-term relationship can be great.

It can also really fucking suck.

You need to know how to manage it, pick the right girl, and have a healthy sense of purpose.

But what are some of the positives? What are some of the negatives?

In this video, Denton tells about the 5 positives of a long term relationship and the 6 not so great parts.

Watch to find out!

Video Details:

00:40 – A girl can compensate for some of your weaker points in your personality and unify your personality

01:00 – A girlfriend can help you with daily responsibilities and help you

01:45 – A supporter who will be there when things get tough

02:10 – A close friend to confide in

02:30 – The negative of losing motivation through poison drip

03:20 – Less freedom

03:45 – In-laws can be shitty

04:30 – She might lose attractiveness over time, just because that’s how it work

05:00 – Her friends become your friends

05:30 – Fucking. Holidays.


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Edited by Radu Badilas: https://www.instagram.com/badilasradu/

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