7 Things That Make A Girl Look Desperate To A Guy

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Stop Looking Needy & Desperate To Men…!

You know – instinctively – that you don’t want to look desperate to a man, right?

We know, deep down in our bones, that if you make yourself look desperate to him, you’re going to struggle to get him to even talk to you.

When you look desperate:

– You lose your social value…
– You become the “creepy” girl…
– You repel men almost immediately…
– You make him think you’re easy – and you don’t have any self-esteem…

The list goes on and on…

You KNOW you don’t want to look desperate or needy to a man, but sometimes you just feel that pull toward a guy and you can’t help yourself.

It’s also hard to know if you’re crossing that line from making your interest known (sure, guys are thick), and maybe pushing it into “coming on too strong.”

Well, this is your lucky day!

I’m going to explain to you the most important part of dating – and that’s how to avoid looking desperate and needy to the guy you want.

Don’t look desperate – DON’T DO THIS #1: Being TOO available…

I find myself frequently coaching women that they need to be a little more “hard to get.” But when I do, I hear the inevitable (and lame) excuse of:

“But Carlos! I don’t want to be manipulative! I want to be AUTHENTIC with him!”

Yup. And a whole bunch of other justifications for not letting Destiny ruin things for you yet again.

Look, I have to get real with you here for a second…

Read this list:

– Makeup
– Underwire/pushup bra
– Low necklines
– High heels

These are just a few of the things that women use to be more attractive to men.

Can you imagine going out without makeup, no bra, wearing a turtleneck sweater and sneakers?

Yeah, I thought so.

The truth is that all that stuff in the list above is – technically speaking – manipulating men! (The crowd gasps…) We all know you’re doing it, and yet women will insist that they’re not doing it to get guys interested in them.

This is called confabulation, folks. It’s when we deny that we’re doing what we’re obviously doing and make up clever stories to explain it away.

Men do their own kind of manipulations

– by bragging and puffing up their egos around you to appear like a prize you might want to marry.

Or at least sleep with…

So when you’re TOO available to a guy, you’re really just lowering your value to him. We don’t want what comes too easily.

If every team in the National Football League got a trophy and champion ring for “participation” – do you think they’d really work all that hard?

In order to perform at our best, we men need to be inspired! And that inspiration is the perception of how rare of a prize we think YOU are.

Rare prizes are not sitting home every night watching Netflix. These prize women are IN DEMAND – and they’re out there living their lives.

You may not feel like this kind of woman, but you sure need to start ACTING like one. As the saying goes, fake it til you make it.

Don’t look needy – DON’T DO THIS #2: Texting Him Like A SuperFreak…

Okay, maybe you’re not a superfreak, but you don’t want to look like one.

What’s a texting superfreak do?

Double texting him – that’s when you send the same text again, thinking that somehow your previous text didn’t get through or was eaten by text gremlins. He got it. It just didn’t register or land with him at that moment. Saying things twice looks really needy…

Texting him compliments. Whoah there… If you’re in the initial stages of a relationship, it’s not your job to puff him up – it’s the other way around. You’re the woman. You’re the object of desire, so act like it…

Texting him too much. Yeah, guys have a threshold of how frequently we want to hear from you. Let’s put it this way – A man should hear from you a little LESS than he actually wants. This creates desire in him…

You have to keep your impulses under control.

Don’t look like a desperate woman – DON’T DO THIS #3: Plan Anything Longer Than 1 Week Out…

It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of a new romance, isn’t it? You get really excited to just hang out with your guy.

You might even be chilling, and he brings up an idea that you should go with him to Hawaii in 4 months…

Well, sure – it sounds exciting and fun. And who wouldn’t want to do that trip?

But wait a second. Before you do, you have to…

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things that make a girl look desperate to a guy


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Comment (13)

  1. As far as texting go, there's a person of interest that I have in mind who does most if the texting every day few times a day.. I found that to be very sweet, not needy or desperate. I love that he's thinking of me.

  2. Oh man. I love wearing high heels and push up bra simply because how they made me feel and feel good about my self. Never even thought of what guys think, and let alone using that as some form of manipulation. He can chose to look the other way because not everything is about guys. Great advise on some.

  3. Hey Carlos. I have been in a relationship with this guy i met online. I claims dat i nagg him. One day i did for sure by calling n texting way too much in one day. Den he broke up with me. He even block my number but a few days after he unblocked me n told me he did. N ask if i cud respect his wishes n dong be a nagg. So i slow the amount calls n text to him. One day he said that he felt that i didnt want to have anything to do with him. I really like this guy n i want a future with him. But he seems to be on d fence about the relationship . What should i do. HELP!

  4. Bullshit if it's real love and you are in love you want to be together and talk to at least every day say good night, whats your day been or meet at least once a week! I have been with m yboyfriend for 4 years and is still in love. That game "chill back" does not suit me. I want what i have every day, you never get bored of who you really love..

  5. Women are so concerned with altering their behavior to simply get a man. I think teaching women how to choose better will definitely be more effective. Women need that more than they need a to stop looking desperate! Any man who looks at a woman who is super interested in him as desperate should be left alone. Not wheeled in by a woman trying not to look desperate lolol I'm just looking at it from a woman's perspective

  6. Very good! Carlos is always slapping the face of the stupid chicks with raw truth. These women just don't have a productive life of their own – that's why they become needy and attached on douchebags.


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