99.9% Of All Women Will Like You If You Say THIS Word

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There’s one word you can use in your conversations with girls to get them to like you.

This word conveys the personality traits of dominance and control that women love.

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  1. So there’s this girl I’m tryna smash, I posted something on my sc story earlier and she responded saying “you make me want your loving tbh” what do I say to her to not mess up

  2. Checked out your how to be likable video and I’d like to know how does a guy like me who’s quieter and has a hard time processing quick responses fast engage in conversation? Even when I think of something, it’s either 30 seconds later after the conversation has moved on. Another is they’ll make a joke at my expense (not in a mean way) and we’ll all laugh, but if I make a joke at their expense (again not being mean) or I I bring up an opinion in conversation, people seem to not laugh; that or they believe other people in the group’s opinion over mine. How do I break this group perception of me and get them to laugh at me and take me seriously?

  3. Tripp quick question, I messed up with a girl she got into trouble and waited two weeks to app her, tried meeting up with her but she was making excuses, tried calling 5 times she cut the phone

  4. Excellent stuff Tripp, short, sharp and to the point. Important tip and easy to remember. This is something that anyone can start implementing immediately and easily and it can make a big difference.

    We need to be leading!

  5. 99.9% of women will like me for using the word "let's"? What bullshit. You sound like those people who claim that they can make you a billionaire within 3 days if you buy their course. You are a brilliant salesman.

  6. I do not totally agree with this. It portrays an idea of attraction which is purely instinct based. If a person has some common sense, they're not attracted to dominance, but maybe to respect, or kindness. Therefore I never use words like that, unless I have some confidence already. I prefer "Shall we?" or "how about?". And it works, because the girls feel empathy and desire to actually open to you. Of course I hang out with girls who have some brain

  7. Great word, i use this without realizing it. I've got another word that should also be used:
    I call it an 'affirmative non-committal'
    MEANING: it denotes a positive yes, yet it still implies that you not 100% and in doing so your not completely validating her request or engagement within the conversation

  8. it is because they're lazy lol "let's" be serious and the answer will always be no unless you're spending money on her. it's not like, "let's skip the dating and go straight to sex at my place right now" works as well as "let's go on vacation together because you would look great in the sun"


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