Abraham Hicks – A breakup is a good thing not a bad thing (new)

Abraham Hicks Newest 2016 workshop excerpts: Philadelphia, PA 2016.10.22
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  1. Gosh this put so much into perspective for me.. I've been struggling for weeks to the point of despair. I'm going to listen to this each day to keep reminding me of what's required of me to do..thank you so much.. I listen to a lot of your videos and I can resinate with a lot of whst you say..

  2. I am a big reader of Seth books. I remember him saying that if we are not happy, then stop doing it. Well, I haven't been happy since around the age of 8, but I have been brainwashed into believing in death, even though I had a NDE as a child. I have read enough physics to know why there is no death, but still I keep thinking that I must be good for something on earth or I would have already disappeared. As I go over it every day, I realize that if I was good for something on earth, then I would be doing something that causes me happiness and success. But I have no happiness or success, so I think that it is the soul's plan that I drown this body to prove to myself that I will pop out of it to see that I am a hologram and always have been. It seems to me that I have to drown this body, rather than waiting for a rock to fall on my head, etc. After all, every "death" is a suicide. My success has to be this final act of leaving this body on purpose with my own hands.
    I haven't been smart enough to accelerate the energy I am to the point of this whole body disappearing.

  3. wow amazing , I am going to do this. thank you so much..
    5 mins ago I was a mess after a breakup of a relationship of 2 yrs, I know I can pull through and after listening to this? I know theirs hope for the future…
    (this is the best thing that ever happened me) …

  4. Too many ads. This message is so important, but the amount of ads make it challenging to take in the message. TV shows are designed to have ads, but these talks never were and all the ads ruin the flow. Thank you for posting this segment, but reflect on what is more important, the ads or the message.

  5. Met a man who I instantly hit it off with and we were both talking about marriage and we moved in together then all the sudden he became annoyed with everything I did and blamed me for his unhappiness and it feel apart. It was sort of soul crushing. Now I’m focused on just getting myself together and getting myself back in a happy and stable place without him or anybody.


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