Abraham Hicks Relationships ~ Let go of the love of your life by loving them as much as you can

Canary Islands Cruise 2014

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Smushy's in wildflower clump
Wildflowers July 2007 1 (1846)-A
Wildflower Meadows Photo Walk
Wildflower Field near Lake Thomas -- Sea Pines Forest Preserve on Hilton Head Island (SC) July 2012
Camouflage - Watercolour Sunset - June 2014
15 months old
'Cho just for fun -  "Ferdinand and the Flowers"
Visiting cat
Cat with Flowers

The Best of the Bunch
goofus, jr.
Catch me if you can!
Some Like It Hot
Blue Tit
Patagónico II
4 / 365 - Black Fluffy Puppy
Cutest photo ever
Happy Furry Friday
Whisky's 2nd Birthday
bow wash
fluffy little thing II
Yellow and Fluffy
Butterfly on Buddlea
Monarch on Yellow
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  1. Ok. I been in an on and of relationship with my girlfriend. After two years going through this bumpy ride, we parted ways. She never cheated on me, she was overly dedicated in our relationship, she always wanted to make things work so badly that it overwhelmed me. Since she is co-dependant and overly sensitive (also childhood issues with her dad leaving), she could not cope well with the feeling of losing us. After two weeks of the breakup she filled the foid completely by living together with anatoher dude she met at a party. It took some time for me to accept and it was an awful lesson ive had to learn. She completely cut off the contact and she went into a full blown relationship with this new guy. I was devestated and I could not cope with it, especially once I started seeing photos of them together at Christmas with family and friends etc. After those signals I started to become desperate, overly controlling, trying to talk her back, investing so much energy in trying to turn her around but she refused. She told me she was having second thoughts and that she misses me as well. But eventually after a long drag of cold contact and discussion she decided this was better for the both of us.

    The issue between us was that we both had some kind of heavy baggage that was dragging us trough the relationship. For me the only option to understand these issues is to comeback to self, self love, peace etc. I have not been on that point by myself for the past 6 years and it is truly something I needed to do(still learing from myself etc.)
    I did not wanted to hurt her in anyway and once I saw see was devistaded I felt really sorry. But something in me was telling me I had to do this.

    We are now separated for around 2 months and I wish not to see any other girl nor am I intrested in investing my intention towards another girl. I always had some kind of interconnected, deeper feeling with her and I do honer this allot, she was like my perfect counterpart and we were collapsing and bouncing of each other like crazy. It was an intense and deep loveing relationship that always came back eventually. Unfortunately, this time not. It revealed allot of past issues in the both of us and I noticed that I had some self learning to do before I could decicate completely. There as always something holding me back. Therefore she was over compensating towards me, I was holding back because it felt like a fear of losing instead of true harmony. We were out of balance. I had work on different times then she had. Weekends togheter were less, I had friends I wanted to see. She started to push, i started to pull back. Those kind of balance issues idk.

    I have menifested her as my future girlfriend, I am trowing out these positive vibes that one day she will reach out to me and that we can start all over again and create the relationship we both wanted. Somewhere I am scared to let go still, somewhere I fear that this dude is her next best thing and that she will dedicated as much as she did in our relationship. But I am getting there. (letting go, accepting etc.) And I have some wierd sence of unfinished business with her. As described in this video I feel this vibe in my belly, in my core, that things will fall in place eventually.

    Now my question is, am I fooling myself by doing these kind of meditation, manifesting positive feelings, intuition. Or is it better to completely move on and forget about her?

    *Btw im not English so sorry for any mistypes. 🙂

  2. alignment, vectors, sources, vibrations, one response: love is immeasurable, infinite, undefinable, you go crazy in love, you don't analyze love, love is what it is, you will experience pain, struggles, but deep down, love you chose , love who stays is the love you are meant to be with. love isn't a product to be discarded and disposed of. an entity can never know love that we are given with.

  3. In other words, think of your ex as the garbage handler! Never said it better! Remember how wonderful it was for you two in the beginning? After time, it just got covered up with junk!

  4. I really enjoyed the video on relationships. I also think it is not fair for one person to think the other person should have to think or feel the same as they do. To me that is also being somewhat selfish. Maybe they really don't understand the whole situation. In spite of what Abraham says.


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