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The Gallbladder Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection Part 4

Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula: or go to Amazon: Dr. Berg talks about the gallbladder anatomy and gallbladder function. The normal stomach acid should be at a pH of 1-3. The gallbladder releases bile which helps to breakdown fat with the help of pancreas. Pancreas releases enzymes which helps to further breakdown these fats […]

Relationship advice – How to make love last (How to keep your partner interested) Ever been dumped by someone you love? Ouch. Sucks, right? In this video relationship and sex expert Alex Allman answers an e-mail from a reader about how to make relationships last… and how to make sure that someone you love never dumps you again. Making passion and attraction last in a relationship is […]

Relationship Advice: Take for Granted

CJ Liu interviews Dr. Mark B Borg about his book “Relationship Sanity- Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships” Mark describes what prevents us from being in a loving, honest, and openhearted relationships. Mark shares how our childhood experiences caretaking for our parents affect our comfort with intimacy. What are the two parts of a dynamic of […]

Chris Watts Give Relationship Advice In 2012 Video

Chris Watts, the Colorado husband charged with murdering his pregnant wife and their two daughters, can be seen giving a presentation on relationship advice in a 2012 video posted to his YouTube account. The video appears to have been for an assignment for a communications class Watts was enrolled in. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & WATCH OUR […]

Pisces Love Tarot Reading thru March 31, 2019 JEALOUS KARMIC HISSY FIT🙄🤬🤢

Please book a personal reading at my website: PLEASE NOTE: PHONE READINGS ONLY FOR US RESIDENTS; EMAIL OR SKYPE FOR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS Email and PayPal: Your donations are greatly appreciated to help support my work! Facebook: Intuitive Astrology and Tarot by Annette Instagram:@tarotbyannette ***PISCES SUN SIGN BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: 30 MINUTE AND 1 HOUR […]

The Problem With The School Of Life

About a few of the problems I have with Alain De Botton’s school of life. IMPORTANT EDIT #2 – PLEASE READ: It has been about a year and a half since I made this video and my perspective on critiques has changed drastically. I made a video revisiting this topic and explaining why I no […]