Common on Book, Fatherhood, and Finding Love | The View

The musician, actor and author of “Let Love Have the Last Word” opens up about his relationship with his daughter and what advice Michelle Obama gave him about relationships.

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  1. Why am I crying when I’m an Argentinian who barely knows this man?
    (Not to be disrespectful, different cultures different “idols” I guess?)
    Edit: I cried when they talked about him and his daughter.

  2. Alt topic, 5/8/19: MM too many absences alleged to coincide w father-in-law Domenech (TRUMP official) being actively investigated for ethics violations, MM doesn't want questions but says she doesn't have 'Trump Derangement'. hmmmm

  3. As a black man hearing this from another black man, is with much respect. So many women, do not see or speak on this type of black man through our media. My loving grandfather raised 6 children, on his own at one point, we exist. I would only add that the true goal of love is not just with yourself but it's really unconditional love for everyone. I believe that's what Common was trying to convey and not be so judgmental.

  4. Common, I am so sorry for what happened to you as a child. I pray you heal, and thank you for speaking up and sharing your story. You will help many with what you have shared. Thank you.❤

  5. Honorary doctorate degree? For what? What a sick society we live in. We are giving awards to people who didn't earn them. Henry Kissinger gets Nobel peace prize for being a mass murderer….Tiger Woods gets medal of freedom for playing golf…Obama gets Nobel peace prize for being black…


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