Common On Finding Love, Forgiveness, Relationship Advice From Michelle Obama + His New Book

Fresh off the release of his memoir, Let Love Have The Last Word, Common reveals his addiction to love and goes into more detail about his molestation as a child. The rapper also reveals relationship advice about settling down that he received from former first lady Michelle Obama.

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Common On Finding Love, Forgiveness, Relationship Advice From Michelle Obama + His New Book

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  1. Somebody update me, is being gay the same as being trans now? I’m so confused I think being gay use to mean that you wanted to have sex with the same sex. I’m saying this as someone who truely grew up in that era, but now I’m wonder if it means wanting to be the opposite. I know that’s trans but isn’t the intention of being trans to be gay. Like if Kaitlyn Jenner became a lesbian would that be gay still? Omg I’m confusing myself now. So trans and gay are different, either way, that’s a personal preference.

  2. He had good women and let them go. Just come out the closet common. Ypu arena time waste. All that live shit and wont give it to a woman. "Love men" I see you buddy

  3. This was a great show with Common and knowing what effected him with sexual abuse, ABANDONMENT, and having a daughter made him see that changes needs to be made. And, AIM the school he's abt to grow in Chicago, will get more kid's to see that they can be a better person thru therapy, mentoring and LOVE!

  4. Being born gay is not like a race, or gender, I don’t understand how someone can be born with sexual desires for the same sex when babies don’t even know anything about sex. Babies are the most purest form of human, day 1 is nothing compared to day 1342460 or whatever coverts to 90 years. Babies know nothing about nothing when they get here, everything they learn they are taught along the way. Being born gay that’s not like a physical appearance and being gay definitely involves sex either gender or physical sexual preferences babies know none of that at all. I don’t believe babies are born gay as if there is some defect in infants where they can potentially be the wrong sex, either someone is convincing them or they have convinced themselves all I know is babies are innocent of these things. Unless your baby comes out the wound saying, I’m a male but I want to be a female, or I’m a male and I want to have sex with a male, you cannot assume that they are born gay. I here people say since I was 10 I knew I was gay, what was you doing at 10, who was you doing it with, when did you decide to try it, why, let’s be real you didn’t know at infancy that you were gay so in my head, you can’t be born gay.

  5. If CTG really cared about people’s mental health he wouldn’t sit around race baiting for 3 or 4 hours every day….
    It’s gotta affect the lower I.Q. listeners

  6. Nobody comes into this world, already a sinner. That teaching/ideology is a satanic perversion of Scripture. A person cannot and is not ever born as a homosexual (which is a sin).

    God never contradicts Himself, ever. He doesn't give us the freedom of choice, only to, in the same breadth, rob us of that choice. Sin, is always a choice.


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