Crush Or Crash: Trending Celebrity Looks – Episode 75 – POPxo

For the past couple of weeks our favourite celebs have served us so many fashion looks. Some we really loved and some we failed to leave a mark in our minds. Let’s see how these celebrities fared this week!

#crushorcrash #trendingcelebritylooks

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Comment (29)

  1. For vain Fashion is how much skin someone is showing . She never crash someone who doesn’t show much skin on their dresses.
    This is how you see fashion !! Ridiculous

  2. Ignorance is pure bliss. Top it up with pretention one becomes self proclaimed critique. To begin with it's not a dress but a blouse with a ghagra. It's not about making a skirt look like lehenga, rather the other way around. It's making traditional Indian clothing fit for every occasion. If you look closely you would find out how all the looks of Alia is traditional Indian for Kalank promotions with a wee bit of contemporary twist. Have you spared a few moments of your life studying about traditional Indian clothing, you would have found that a tea length ghagra had been part of Indian traditional clothing since ages. He is trying to make young Indians opt for Indian clothing, craft, weave, textile for every occasion in our fast paced modern life and not just for the occasional wear for wedding functions and festivals. Please don't critique what you don't understand.

  3. Alia looks amazing, don't know what these 2 are looking at, look at yourself then comment on celebrities.
    Alia looked the best out of everyone, she is amazing, and lastly she doesn't need to be commented on by 2 losers who don't know anything about fashion themselves.


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