Daily Life Of A Gay Couple Illustration | Song INKOLLO (Part 15)

Daily Life Of A Gay Couple Illustration | Song INKOLLO (Part 15) | Daily Life Of A Gay Couple Illustration | Song INKOLLO #15

■ Author: While many comic books follow the exploits of superheroes and their adventures, other ones focus on the everyday lives of everyday people. Artist Inkollo documents his own day-to-day life through his clever and heartwarming gay comic strips. Centering around the artist and his boyfriend Joe, Inkollo’s gay comics touch upon the mundane but no less troublesome issues a gay couple faces in the modern world. Inkollo, a self-professed geek, imbues his gay couple comic strips with references to sci-fi films, video games, and a lot of Sailor Moon. By creating LGBTQ-centered comics and artwork, Inkollo helps to bring LGBTQ comics to a wider audience through both his Instagram and Webtoons.

The Inkollo comic strips below include some of his and Joe’s funniest and sappiest moments as a couple. While not necessarily as riveting as the best LGBTQ moments in comic book history, Inkollo comics do provide an honest and needed look at the life of a gay couple in a graphic novel format. But if you are looking for a bit of gay fan service, Inkollo comics definitely has you covered.


■ Source: https://www.ranker.com/list/best-daily-life-gay-couple-comics/mick-jacobs



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■ Ikson – With You (No Copyright Musics)
■ Dennis Kumar – Dawn (No Copyright Musics)
■ Wonki – Mango (No Copyright Musics)



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