Dealing With A Bitchy & Disrespectful Girlfriend

When your girlfriend is bitchy and disrespectful this video will show you how to deal with this difficult situation.

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Comment (47)

  1. I think this is applicable only in a long term relationship or with young girls. Why put the burden on men? My ex was showing this disrespectful signs from the beginning. She is a grown ass 36 old woman. Lol a week or two of ignoring her of wouldn't have fix this problem. I tried everything. That was just the way she is. Good thing we're no longer together

  2. Man why did I had the find it out the hard way… if only Id seen this earlier in my life Im sure it would have saved me a lot of headache! Honestly, with bitches far outnumbering the sweet and innocent girls these days, this video is a must for guys that haven't dated bitches yet..Cuz it breaks my heart to see how many guys are just completely controlled by their bitch, damn brothers lets bring manhood back! #? My azz BIATCH

  3. Secular liberalism empowers Women & emasculates, the Masculinity archetype. Where you have the Masculine archetype like God in the church or in Islam, Putin Russia or organisations like the Mafia, Women don't act like bitches to Men. They know the consequences if they do !

  4. Would should I do if she's constantly insulting my family and saying she hates them even if they've done nothing,
    Drives me away from both our mates and parents, Cut me off every time I speak and call me "a rude mute Cunt" or a "brat"
    Tells me I'm a waste of time, a brat, and says our relationship will go to shit if I don't reply to her texts in 3 minutes, this constant texting and instant communication goes on 24/7..
    I'll get slapped in public and get called a brat for reacting,
    She'll give me shitloads of attitude and gets worse when I say something back especially when she goes too far.

    All this is actually quite hurtful to me mentally.
    It might not seem like much but it's been going on for a year and yes even small shit like this can hurt

  5. Men have become weak and lazy, and women have increased in mental illness. That combination = higher divorce rates. It’s both sides of the equation. Men, stay strong and lay your foot down, and women need to take care of themselves mentally first

  6. I kicked my lady to the curb. Best move ever. Everything was fine the first two years but after that she was negative and always nagging. I'm the prize, bye Felicia.

  7. If you ignore your girlfriend and don’t see her or call her for a week because she was being a bitch, then you’ll end up alone in the end. Running from your problems never solves them. If she’s acting like a B maybe you should step back, realize it’s probably not about you, and make her a cup of hot chocolate. Try asking questions about what might be bothering her, if she keeps on acting bitchy towards you then whip out your D and say, kiss it bitch. Later!

  8. You are just so wrong. How could this lead to a healthy relationship?
    How would you feel if you made a small little mistake and instead of her being open to talk it out she'd ignore you?
    What you present here is not how a relationship should work. If you're pissed about something just talk about it openly in a constructive discussion, tell her what hurt or annoyed you, hear what she has to say and move on with your relationship afterwards.
    Women aren't your pet dogs, you know?
    I also don't get what's wrong with her canceling a date to help a friend move. This should be fine in a stable relationship.

  9. Kinda sexist, but it did make me feel better. sexism in moderation, that’s what i say. My girlfriend is a generally selfish and inconsiderate person. I wish i had a personalized video to tell me how to handle my bitchy partner, not my bitchy “female.”

  10. My roommates gf is a total passive ag bitch! She leaves her shit all over the bathroom, rearranges things throughout the house, slams doors, she's loud, very compulsive. I'm ready to MOOOOVE

  11. Advice for beta males. The gap is a vacation to find an alpha male. She comes back because she already got away with it. A real alpha wouldn’t call the Bitch back at all. LOL


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