How Not to be Boring

No one is ever boring: we just seem boring when we haven’t learnt the surprisingly easy art of being honest about our vulnerabilities. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“One of our great fears – which haunts us when we go into the world and socialise with others – is that we may, in our hearts, be really rather boring.
But the good news, and a fundamental truth too, is that no one is ever truly boring. They are only in danger of coming across as such when they either fail to understand their deeper selves or don’t dare (or know how) to communicate them to others.

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Comment (26)

  1. Some people are scarily good at faking that they're interested in what you're telling them. So I have trust issues. And I really only speak when I feel like it's really worth sharing. The problem is not knowing what someone else thinks is interesting to hear about. It might be interesting to you but not to someone else. And that makes it hard to find a topic to start a conversation with.I have so many interest on a deep level but I barely share my thoughts out of fear of judgement.

  2. So what about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? It's the same with being boring. Now, if we're talking about being tedious, that's another thing 😀

  3. Well, I'm making an intimidating face in public because I'm really not interested in people. So, jokes on you, YouTube recommendations.

  4. You know what? People live for not to be bored

    job, friends, internet, phone, games, youtube, hobby whatever can prevent the thinking which you feel boring

    social-friendly people are also feel boring when they are alone

    so you should find out which can make you feel fun consistently

  5. What if you find most people boring. What if you're unintrested in them, because they're just people and you can't care about all of them. I know I'm boring around most people cause they bore me.


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