How To Fix A Pen Spy Camera That Will Not Turn On And Other Problems

Several repairs for different problems with the pen spy camera. Quick easy step by step repairs to get your spy camera working again.

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  1. Hey bro one more thing you might want to add in this video is you HAVE TO USE AN 8G SD MEMORY, I learned that from inserting a 64 G SD card and the Pen Turns on green light stays on, but as soon as you goto use the Camera from pictures or videos it blink red 3 times then shuts off. 8 GB Memory sticks are getting so hard to find now adays. so good luck to the new users.

  2. I had a Swann pencam for a while a few years ago and idk it probably wasnt charged for a long while and its just plain dead. I tried the reset, i tried charing via a laptop, the laptop recognizes that a flash drive was put in it but it wont show the folder. Its just dead. it was nice but they should make them last longer.

  3. When i try to turn mine on, the red light turns on and then off. When i try to charge the pen, the same thing happens. I plug the charger in, the red light turns on and then off. How can i fix this problem? Please respond.

  4. Led blinks only when the pen is charging.I have charged my pen for several hrs but its not getting switched on .I also tried the reset button trick but it still did not work.what should I do please reply.Thank you

  5. The camera records only for 1 hour maximum even when I am using a 16 gb micro sd card. How can I make it record for 320 minutes as given in the product description?

  6. When I turn mine on, the green light comes in. When I press the button to take a pic, it flashes red and green then turns off. Also when I plug it into my laptop, it says the folder is empty.. Any ideas?

  7. I can take pictures from my pen but I can’t take a video. The tutorials here at YT says press and hold the button until GREEN light blinks 3 times and become solid. When I try to do that, My pen blinks in RED LIGHT 3 times and NO SOLID GREEN LIGHT. also, the video does not save on my SDcard. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. My computer is says the disk needs to be formated. when I try to format it. It says it can not complete it. What do I do. I think the camera can not record on the card.

  9. i bought a spy pen camera which they mentioned that the resolutions are 1080*720/640*480.. but i get only 640*480 resolution videos only.. is there any option to change to 1080.. pls help


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