How to fix the 0% Glitch/Bug in Artificial Academy 2

Locale Emulator –

The Forum Poster (Show him a lot of love for helping) –

BTW makoto99 Was the original Founder!

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  1. Heii Dude !!!
    How do you get rid of the annoying lag spikes ?!?!?
    The thing with d3d9.dll and D3D9_alt.dll does not really fix it for me but creates more problems … (faceless monstrosities !) Flying eyeballs and tongues chasing you around ! UGH and it also crashes when starting H-scene and most of the in game menus are white blank screens ! HELP PLEASE ! :/ šŸ™

  2. every time i chat to someone they just ignore me (i mean they just keep telling me that im already say that more than once) for exp : i try to talk about hobbies , and they just refuse . it's your video gonna fix that problem too ?


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