How To Get Your Ex Back – Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back FAST! (Dating Advice)

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Getting your ex back is really about AVOIDING the mistakes that RUIN your chances of getting back together. That’s why in this relationship advice video, I’ll show you the biggest blunders and relationship mistakes you can easily avoid!

The key to learning how to make a guy like you again is understanding just how *addictive* being in love is.

Once you realize what this does to you, you’re already halfway towards winning your ex back!

It’s important to understand how this addiction fuels the TOP 5 mistakes when trying to get your ex back, all of which I’ll talk about in this video.

This is CRUCIAL to know because this can cause serious damage, such as:

– Acting in a panicked state and making BAD decisions

– Looking weak, desperate and insecure

– Appearing needy and like a doormat

– Being vulnerable to being taken advantage of

We’ll talk about how to quell that panic within you and why your worst fears DON’T have to come true! Plus, I’ll teach how you to avoid the BIGGEST myth about relationships that Hollywood has perpetuated for the longest time!

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Comment (10)

  1. I did make all these mistakes. Then I gathered myself and went no contact. After 9 days he contacted me and we are working out our issues. Thank you Carlos for the work you do ☺

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  5. What if you've made these mistakes, and its been several years that you are apart, and did some of thses mistakes again , and he doesnt show any will to get back?
    (have kept some friendly contact during those years , but havent seen each other for most of them. i was the ove who broke up with him initialy btw, but when shown i wanted to get back and made most of those mistakes you mentiond back then too – he realy didnt want to get back together).
    p.s – we fought a lot in the last months of our relationship. and talked about t for hours daily on the phone back then. i guess thats what he remmembers when he thinks about me.

  6. I have to thank so many people for helping me fix things with my ex even though I was told to let her go. Even after arguing bitterly with so many loved ones I put my head down, searched for Treitan Mellory’s Simple Paper and followed his instructions. Simplicity is always best and works, we are the ones that make things complicated.


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