How To Learn English To Flirt! Language Dating Advice ft. MmmEnglish

How To Learn English To Flirt! Language Dating Advice ft. MmmEnglish

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Welcome To Mark Asks! The interview series where I (mostly) shut my mouth and let another expert do the talking. Today I have an epppic guest with me – English confidence coach Emma from MmmEnglish (2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!) to talk on the topic of How To Talk To Men When You Don’t Speak English! English Language Dating Advice. Basically, how to learn English to flirt. Emma has coached all around the world and has incredible qualifications in teaching and coaching English at a very high level. More importantly, she’s a flipping lovely human! Emma deals with questions like “how to flirt when you don’t speak English?” “How to speak better English to men?” “What to do when you don’t speak English well?” “how to date when you can’t speak English?” “How to talk to guys when English is your second language” “How to meet an English speaking man when you don’t speak English?” and other hugely important questions relating to how to get a relationship when you don’t speak English.

If you ever think to yourself, “how to talk to men when I don’t speak English well?” “how to flirt when English is your second language?” – – Emma from mmmEnglish! This is the interview you MUST see if English is your second language and you’re want to know how to talk to men in English and how to flirt in English.

The reason is, a language advice question I sometimes get asked by women is “mark, how to flirt in English?” and “how to learn English to flirt?” and “How to talk to men when you don’t speak English?” as well as “how to learn English to talk to guys?” – today, I’m discussing all of these questions with English Confidence Expert Emma from mmmEnglish.

Giving dating and relationship advice to women who are English second-language isn’t exactly part of what I usually do as a dating coach for women, however I’ve personally tried to flirt with women who don’t speak English… and it’s REALLY hard!! The same is true for women and for you if English is not your first language, so I wanted to bring in Emma to talk about this important but often forgotten topic.
When a woman comes to me saying “I don’t know how to speak good English to a guy” or “how to talk to men in English” or even “How to flirt with a guy when I don’t speak English well” – I have to focus on non-verbal ways to teach that women to flirt with the guy. These work, but ultimately, she needs to learn to communicate with him verbally, and often this means directing these women to people like Emma who can help show her how to flirt in the English language.

There is no better person to bring in to talk about the topic of how to flirt with a guy in English than Emma from MmmEnglish. With YEARS of one on one consults under her belt teaching this and over TWO MILLION subscribers, Emma knows a HUGE amount about helping women learn English – and one of the big reasons they want to do this is for their relationships!!

That’s why, in this interview with Emma from mmmEnglish, we discuss questions like “What to do when you don’t speak English well?”, “how to date when you can’t speak English?”, “how to flirt when you don’t speak English?”, “How to speak better English to men?”, “How to talk to guys when English is your second language” This is a hugely important video to your dating and relationship happiness in the future as great communication is NOT optional when it comes to having an empowering, fulfilling relationship.

There are many women out there who want to improve their English to have better (amazing!!) communication with men. They want to learn how to be and connect with their partners! In this video, I speak to Emma about how to do that as it relates to how to flirt in English, how to talk to a guy when you don’t speak good English and how to learn English to flirt!. It’s all fascinating content that I’m excited to show you… let me know what you think of Emma!

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  1. I’m inclined to agree with you on this Mark. I learned a second language & I think face to face interactions were the key to this, it’s the best way to pick up intent & emotions rather than by text, or the written word. The reason I learned that second language was because I was in a serious relationship with someone whom English was not their 1st language. I taught him English through our relationship & I managed to pick up his language by listening to his conversations he was having face to face with other people. When I then travelled to his native country, I then realised I had learned the language through listening to his conversations & had no idea I had picked it up & could speak the other language. As I had travelled alone there too, I had no choice but to either learn the rest quickly, or not have any conversations at all (that wasn’t an option for me who’s a chatterbox) lol. The rest I learned in the 6 weeks in that country & it was the best experience ever, but it was all done face to face & seeing intent & emotions on other’s faces, as non verbal communication is a worldwide language we all speak & makes up the rest of what we do & don’t say out loud. x

  2. Thanks Mark!! English is not my first language and I still have a few struggles when it comes to romantic relationships, I'm so glad for this video! Thanks a lot , you're the best !xx

  3. BIG news!! Read below…

    I have TWO questions I need your help with.

    1. I've decided to translate a portion of my videos. WHICH Languages would you like to see me do closed captions in?? I'm thinking Hindi and/or French…

    2. I'm speaking with Non-English Relationship Coach ALEX CORMONTE tomorrow. Very excited!! What question/knowing would you love to hear about from Alex? It can be something to do with crossing the language gap, or something completely unrelated that you've love me to speak with Alex about.


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