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  1. I need help real quick …

    Yesterday , I got in trouble because my mom and dad saw my boyfriend's message . And we was sexting . And my mom looked through my messages . And now at 1:00 o clock I told my boyfriend about what happened . And he is thinking that I constantly getting in trouble because of him . And he thinks that its his fault . And he thinks that we should break up because of this . And I dont want him to think like that . And I want to be with him forever . And I love him no matter happens . And he wants my education to be good and Im 15 years old and hes 15 years old also and he is turning 16 and January . And I live him to death . No matter what happens , I would still love him . Please help me , it would mean alot . And both of us are in highschool .

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  3. Hello madam, I m 26 yrs. Guy and I m in love with 24 yrs. girl. We both love each other. But the problem is that she is married with 30 yrs. old guy. When I proposed her she accepted but she didn't tell me a single thing about this that she is married. Today when in our conversation I doubted about it and asked her details, she informed me this. Please suggest what I need to do…. I m really feeling helpless….

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  8. Hi me and my girlfriend are going through a rough patch I keep getting annoyed at her for no reason, the other day she said she's gonna leave if I don't show and signs of sorting myself out, what do I do and should I show her this video

  9. Thank you so much Adina. Thank you soo soo much! I am really stressed currently because i fell in love with a guy that is really the opposite of me. He is cold and doesn‘t share a lot of emotions. In the beginning he wanted me so bad and he even told me he wants me to meet his family. But 2 Months later he told me that he feels under peressure.. that everything is goong to fast. He doesn‘t text me atm and it‘s so hard because i love him so much. And your video showed me some great ways to calm myself.

  10. The problem about some women and men is that they put their partner as number 1 when they know they are assholes and pieces of shit yeah they treat their asshole partner like angels and God's when they don't fwwwkking deserve it and this will never stop by now we all should know the damn deal how this pieces of shit people act go for the ones who are actually showing you they give a damn the ones you treat less of a person just cause you are paying attention too much to a piece of shit who treats you like nothing stop treating this assholes like if they Are the best when they are not give a chance to the ones who you ignore who you treat like shit like the partner you have who treats you the same way you treat an innocent person who is trying to show you the real meaning of love actions speak louder than words fwwwkk the words and believe how someone treats you that's all I have to say I'm sick and tired that all the good people gets treated like shit and assholes get all the respect and love they don't fwwwkking deserve assholes who treat others poorly will never have my Respect I only defend a good heart and idiot asshole I ignore they are not worth my time they are a waste of skin

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