How To Stay Feminine In Relationships

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Please watch: “How To Get More Feminine Energy – And How Being Too Masculine Is Hurting You”

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Comment (32)

  1. How does this apply to owning your own business. I feel like I have to be on my masculine to make things happen yet I am usually feminine in relationships unless the man is not leading I tend to jump in because that's my personality. So I have both so is it ok to use masculine side when it comes to work and feminine when it's with dating. I am curious to learn more about how being receptive is how you respond to a man not leading. If a man is not responding I usually tend to leave.

  2. My guy is a very attractive, otherwise very secure and stable man. It's been 4 months that we are dating now and we're long distance. I knew he was hurt badly by his previous girlfriend who cheated on him, but now he's projecting all his fears and scars on me. The moment I dared to express some difficulties on our relationship, he became crazy. He said nothing for weeks, and I started to pick fights just to know what was going on. Now he's saying that one day I will tell him I was lying all along, like some kind of prophecy. Now our relationship has become so strained and I don't know what to do. I had the word PATIENCE tattooed on my wrist even months before meeting him, and now I have to look at it every day. I'm swallowing so much pride with this relationship. We're still here after all, and it's not like we didn't have other options. But his lack of trust is really hurting me because everybody but him can see how crazy I am about him. I think I have to stop picking fights and be more active in giving him attentions, even if I'm hurt, because his scar is deeper than I expected. I'm very nurturing by nature, but I'm learning what it means for him to be nurtured. This is his hurt inner child, this part of him I can understand. I feel like I have to take care of it if I want also the man I see in him. But I keep asking myself if it's worth it. If I'm ever going to make him lose his fears and surrender. With him, I find that I'm fiercer than I expected and at the same time so more humble. I'm so confused and worried.

  3. What if you have nothing to be receptive for? I mean the man thinks I should just be happy without him moving a finger. It seems as if he wants to be the woman and get things and be passive. It hasnt always been this way he used to give and plan etc but has got me and now he is too comfortable and acts like a woman.

  4. One of my exes was overly apologetic. I told him time and time again that he doesn't need to, or that he isn't wronging me, but I feel this only encouraged him. I sadly snapped at him once because of this, and he didn't take this too well. We aren't as talkative anymore, and it's melancholic that we've come to this.

  5. Hi Candice! Thanks so much for this! I’m wondering if you can provide examples of things that one would do to be more feminine. Can you define what that means? I am naturally a leader and have more masculine energy. How can we honor our nature and still be strong in who we are in female positions of leadership, and in partnership?

  6. Thank you Candice; I’ve lost my dad when I was 5… my mother was a widow with 05 kids to care… so I saw her drive to provide for the whole family without the support of a man… then I managed to grow up very quickly… almost self-sufficient. I was on a survival mode… including the denial of my need for male connection and affection. Now I am working on returning to my loving feminine nature and slowly opening space to love and be loved with more receptivity. Your videos are being truly precious. Thank you!

  7. When I met my boyfriend I proceeded to tell him I didn't want a relationship. He said yes you do because I watch you interact with other people. He said the way I communicate says I'm looking for a mate. Now watching this I understand what he was saying now. #feminineenergy

  8. Do you provide additional advice on how to "allow" your man to take the lead more? I've been married 23 years and we have fallen into a power struggle of sorts. I don't want the power struggle, but I am a strong, confident woman and I tend to take the reins on things if he doesn't. I know he doesn't like it when I do, so we're in this loop that I can't seem to figure out how to get out of. Thanks – your videos are great.

  9. I’m a man watching this video. I cannot agree with this lovely lady more! It is natural for a man to lead, provide, and protect a feminine woman. The more masculine the women are, the less our natural instincts appear. In other words, you act like a dude, we’ll treat you like a dude!

  10. Man, this speaks to my femininity that is ready to take the LEAD in my life. Thanks for sharing. I am going to look into the courses that you offer as well. Love it!

  11. Great channel. Great videos for women. Men also benefit from this. I will watch more of your videos. There is another channel called: Fearless. From a guy teaching men how to be masculine. He has very good stuff.

  12. Get and stay in the feminine is the best way to not only attract but KEEP quality masculine men. Take note ladies, this will make you rare, unforgettable and stand out; superseding your physical appearance – in that rare masculine man's eyes. Also, this technique influences a good man to be better. This is a woman's REAL gift / power! Masculine and feminine – we compliment each other. Great advice for good women Candice!

  13. hi candice, Thanks so much for your videos. I'm in my 20s and in a relationship 2 years. I want to soften more in my relationship but I am also trying to kick-start my career. I still feel the need to be independent and support myself (financially). I am taking professional exams but I want to then be soft with my boyfriend. I'm struggling to balance both and feel frazzled trying to be all things. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day or energy in my body. I would love to hear your thoughts. many thanks 🙂

  14. Did you make this video just for me or….I am such a masculine woman. I am actively working on channeling my feminine energy to allow my man to become more masculine. Thank you!

  15. Isn't it so sad that society has shaped us women to have to be so strong and masculine that we have to learn how to be feminine all over again? Thank you for your videos!

  16. Thank you for your insightful comments. I have played with expressing my feminine power and recently realised how much I often showcase my masculine. My experience is when you ate emboding your feminine how can you redirect un wanted sexual vibes from men. At a work place, walking in the street, a place of couples? I feel from an early age I realised the dangers of feminine expression. Do you have experiencing managing this?

  17. OK, so, I'm someone who likes to get stuff done and when I'm single I'm always doing things which I've organised and paid for. In a relationship I like the man to organise things (I'm happy to help pay) but I'm not happy missing out on opportunities to do things because the man isn't leading. I'm not a nag either. So am I meant do not go to concerts, shows, etc because I've sat around waiting for the man to take action and the show sells out in the meantime?

  18. Candice, I was thinking of you the other week. As part of my self care, I decided to have a pap smear test which I've avoided having for a few years. I was diagnosed as having a bacterial infection called Candida Vaginitis (yucky). This is not caused by an STD, hygenine issue, irritation to soap or anything like that. My gynocologist told me it's caused by being very, very tired. Our vagina tells us when we're exhausted and burnt out!

  19. Dear Candice hii again.. you look so pretty as usual.. very nice and helpful video .. I want you to make more videos about how to be eggy and more feminine and how to act talk and move in more feminine way .. love u so much

  20. You ALWAYS Make My Day 10x BRIGHTER…Thank You For Your Sharing Your Wisdom….And For Being Just An All Around Feminine Kinda Gal , as It REALLY Makes a HUGE Difference & Impact on The World! <3 🙂

  21. Hi Candice. This was a great video. Thank you for sharing. How can I use the feminine values/energy to create a sensual relationship with my husband. We have been together for 12 years and the polarity might not be there always, only when both of us remember to be in our core (me – feminine and him – masculine). How do I elicit a more masculine energy from him?


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