How To Tell If He’s Flirting Online or Over Text | Relationship Advice

Today the easiest way to talk to someone is without talking face to face, so how can you tell if the guy you like is flirting or not? In this video I talk about some of the key things you should take note of to know if he’s wanting more than just friendship.

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  1. Does this count he says this you know what time it is my love heart time and he reads love hearts out but he edits it so it's like love me he would change to love myself he only does this when I'm there

  2. I talk to this guy a lot and I showed my good guy friend some of the messages. A lot of them were asking me if I'd ever been asked to kiss anyone, asked out, or dated anyone. Then he went deeper into asking how I old I was. I gave him my age but decided to ask why he wanted to know and if he was interested. His response was "no comment" when I showed my friend this, he said the guy was either flirting or messing with me. I'm not sure but my friend knows the guy but the fact that he doesn't know concerns me.

  3. Hmmm I'm not actually sure…I know someone online and I think he likes me… he says "I'm smoking g right now! Joking, I'm too young to smoke, or drink alcohol, or do any drugs, but I'm old enough to be addicted to a drug like you!" He constantly says he's addicted to me and texts me a lot….. he calls me a lot… we communicate through Google hangouts, and minecraft multiplayer:)

  4. Bruh this happened with this guy he's rly hot ok but he has a girlfriend and he was flirtin hella and we was callin each other hot and stuff and then he sed "don't tell my girlfriend bout this" and I'm like "lol ok" and I won't tell her cuz I don't want more drama to start

  5. Damn it 🙁
    I confessed to him saying that I like him and he said he likes me too.
    Now my friend Maryam said I love him and his reply?
    '….' Was his reply.
    And we have been talking still, and roleplaying but he never mentions this, and our relationship feels the same it did before.
    I think he doesn't like me but I can't tell for sure.

  6. There is a guy that I talk with online and he's constantly calling me adorable/beautiful.
    I don't know if he's just being nice or if he's flirting but he keeps on talking about hugging me, and being heroic for me.. It confuses me because as much as I'd like to think he's flirting I just don't know. He likes to play games online over twitch and when I came into his chat one day he completely ignored me for a while. It's like he waited to talk to me. He isnt a big streamer, so his chat is really small and he gets 0/15 viewers at most. I mean.. I like this guy, but Im afraid if I start actually flirting back he'll start ignoring me.

  7. The guy I like, he always does the 😉 and <3 emoji to me. Like I really like him but too shy to actually be like "Hey I like you, what are your feelings towards me?" haha.
    I talk to him mostly online Skype though, we both are in the same country and state though and only a few hours away from each other, he hasn't given me his number yet.
    But when we do talk it does take him a while to reply since he does play a lot of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive with this friends (which I think is cool since it makes him happy and you should never try to pry a guy away from his friends) and to the fact he has skype notifications off, so it takes him a while. But when he does he does say sorry and answer the question I ask him, and when his not playing with his friends we talk a while either by typing or in a call.
    though I have no clue if he likes me in that way haha

  8. Was talking to this guy online for the longest time. He flirted with me a lot at the beginning, flirting every chance he got. He stopped being flirty and he started to get to know me, we had good conversations and he did just about what you mentioned in the video. But now he takes days before txting me first or texting me back. But when he dies decide to text me we have a cool casual conversation. I don't get what up with this guy.

  9. He texts me with a long sentences, asking me questions, a lot of emojis, mostly when the conversations over always end with his sentence, and he likes to tease me. One day I couldn’t help myself I asked him why did he message me, and he said “because” then he changed the sub. I asked him again, then he said because we’re friends. I told him I like him, and I can’t be friend with him. I told him that we shouldn’t talk anymore. He seemed to be sad, he didn’t that. He still wanted to continue messaging me, he kept sending me, and I kept telling him no, cuz I wan’t tell to at least tell me if there is a chance that he can like me back or still impossible to be more than friend zone. Finally he agree to stop bothering messaging after i ignored him that night. I text and apologized to him the next day, coz I still like him and thought he was the nicest guy I’ve ever know. He replied me back instantly, and said everything was Ok. We started to talk again, but things were a little difference cuz I text him first a couple him, I still like him, N even more. I was awkward to him. About 2 week later I told him again that I couldn’t do it again, I have to delete him from Facebook, try not to message him. He read my last message and never reply. Should I be regret? Was what I did  right? I am so confused.

  10. I have this guy online, and I think he might like me. He seems really nice. When I send him a selfie of me, he said "my gog, your beautiful" I don't exactly have a good track record with guys so can anyone help me with this?

  11. your advice is amazing Marcus im new here but your content is amazing and i think you should have more subs and i have now subbed to your channel keep up the great work X3

  12. I realize that the last time I watched this video it was over a guy I ended up realizing didn't like me… awesomely enough now though, with someone else, I honestly don't know if it's just who he is or if he actually likes me a little bit like not a big thing, but he does mostly everything here.. He usually initiates the conversation and he always uses the smiley faces and grins and tongue and wink faces, he always asks me questions and then keeps the conversation going and he compliments me and loves it when I compliment him, or at least he tells me. But even though he does that he does take a while to respond, not always… but a big amount of the time it takes him at least 10 minutes to hours, so it gives the thought that he might only talk to me when he's bored.. I'm just not sure really :/

    Any advice? And do you think he likes me? 🙂

  13. i really hope this guy likes me… We met ages ago online and have just started phone calls and properly texting… The only thing that bothers me is i mostly have to text first. I am really not sure 🙁

  14. So I  love to tell jokes and tease my friends and my best guy friend is also a teaser and a funny guy and flirty too XD but we always like tease or make fun of each other a lot which makes some ppl think that we like each other :/ even tho he is only just my friend but the other day his mutal friend and I and him were talking and suddenly she went "Guys get a room ya two" as in a teasing way cuz was making fun of him like saying "dork dork dork and etc" and I said "Whatever lol geez" and She was like "Seriously guys you have the hawts for each other pls end up confessing to each other" and she said "hey tell her you like her already" I tried my best and said " HAHAHA LOL this is hilarious stop joking and unless its Gerard Butler I am so single" because I wanted to ignore it but he never denied it but was like  :/ *sigh I know he likes me but I dont like him I have hinted to him so many times like SO MANY that I dont. :/ geez!
    and top of that my good friends brother who is also my friend is in love with me I already suspected but his sister hinted it twice now so there is no doubt and I am not interested in him either lol dont know what to do lol 

  15. I met this guy at a church gathering and we went home really late. He emailed me the moment he got home stating he left before we could talk more and he used a emotocon. Does he like me?

  16. i was in a relationship with that guy .. and then we changed location so we stayed together in a long term relationship for over two years .. i'm madly in love with him but we'r not a couple now he broke up b'cuz of the distance (we r friends on fb) i dunno if he still love me or .. just friendly :'( :'(

  17. This guy ALWAYS does this thing where if say something like "this room is so hot" over text, he'll reply "(his own name) hot?;)", or if I say "(insert name here) isn't that attractive" he'll reply "Yeah, he's no (his own name);)". Is this him fishing or complements or?


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