I Can’t Fix You

After another attack on the internet, the boys discover that Cartman is not SkankHunt42. Meanwhile, the girls take decisive action against the boys of South Park Elementary.


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  1. Me: Alright stan, the break up was a few days ago, bet your itching to get back out on school.
    Stan: (Groaning).
    Me: Our itching cause your a crazy dirt monster.
    Stan (Sighs) why would i go out on school just arrest wendy for breaking and entering… my heart.
    Me: Come on stan you gotta get over this now i know your heart is broken but the shower is not.
    Stan: We will shower when we're good and ready.
    Me: I'm sorry we.
    Kyle: You heard him toots, when my best friend's down i'm down.
    Me: Ok point proven, thank you kyle. Stan come on get up and let's go.
    Stan: That's it i'm putting you on ice. (Blowing.
    Me: What happened to your ice hands. It was no ice and all hands stubby tiny hands.
    Stan: That's all got, wendy really broke me.


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