INSPIRATION FOR TEENS: Mental Infirmities & BOM Heroes | God’s Love & the Purpose He Has For You!

Book of Mormon inspiration series for Youth! Presented by Annalise Jones.

This is a modified message based on my regular Book of Mormon class, from class #27. (That’s the one for your parents to watch!)

My Scripture Heroes who had Emotional Struggles & Flaws! And they still had powerful faith and left an amazing impact, regardless! They are no different than you, in your worthy, righteous desires, your potential, and the unconditional love God has for you.
Sariah, the Matriarch of the people of Lehi–1 Ne 5:2-3
Nephi, son of Helaman–Helaman 7:1-9
Captain Moroni–Alma 60 (and 48:17)

Here’s the link for the talk! Read it for yourself–it’s awesome!

What was YOUR favorite part of this talk? What experiences do you have with accepting your flaws and knowing God loves you and has a mission for you, regardless? What’s your advice on how to manage competing priorities and find time for self care? Any other tips of accessing spiritual power and staying faithful in times of hardship? Comment below!

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