Intentional Dialogue with John Wineland and Guru Jagat

This simple intentional dialogue practice will literally change your life and all of your relationships if you practice and master it. In this short demo, John and Guru Jagat demonstrate the practice and give some tips as how to best use it moving forward, including a 40-day challenge!

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  1. Intentional Dialogue

    #1 Commit to a period (e.g. 40 days)
    #2 Agree not to make the other person wrong for how they feel, think, are afraid of (this creates healing)

    Part 1:
    Listening (Partner A approaches Partner B for intentional dialog within 24hours). "…" – Did I get it? Is there more?

    Part 2:
    Validate (That makes sense)

    Part 3:
    Empathize (I put myself in her/his shoes. Really feel into the emotions. "I can imagine that…" Did I get it? Is there anything I missed that would put your heart to ease?)


    #1 Don't interrupt your partner
    #2 Work on their language – don't make up new words unless you acknowledge it
    #3 Be aware how much energy you bring to the table and whether your partner can consciously metabolize it
    #4 Be aware of being clear and concise
    #5 Don't totally turn off your feeling body. Sometimes we'll get into our heads because we're recycling this old garbage. Really feel: Am I overwhelming her. Am I expecting too much of what they're capable of right now. Be in the spirit of generosity. It is about putting myself in her/his shoes and accepting his/her thoughts exactly as they are.

    Try a 40 day practice of Intentional Dialogue. You may need to do this every day or every other day.

  2. You guys are a great example of loving, spiritual partnership. congratulations! thank you for shining your light on how intentional communication can nurture and physiologically intensify the love between two people 🙂


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