Jordan Peterson: The best relationship advice

Jordan Peterson talks in this video about some of the best relationship advice. He helps you decide whether or not you should stay with your current partner. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life audiobook:
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This video comes from professor Peterson’s: “2015 Maps of Meaning 8: Mythology: The Great Mother / Part 1 (Jordan Peterson)”


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  1. I’m absolutely gutted my parents got divorced, sitting with my now ex girlfriends family and actually feeling apart of a family was amazing, Christmas and New Years is absolutely terrible, I wake up alone now, never even knowing what it’s like to sit with your mum and dad is terrible and really has got to me now at the age of 22. They got divorced at about 14. I was thinking lately at Christmas no present would ever be better than having a happy family which unfortunately I can’t have but it’s a massive motivation for me to find the right person in the future

  2. My friend posted a note for his wife "PILES" circled with a line through the word piles. He hates stuff piled up around the house. He let her know clear as day what bothers him.

  3. People should take relationships very easy and casually. We have such a political and intellectual view of a relationship when in reality all it is is a very close friendship. One can be happy, have people in their lives and have children without marriage. It’s important for children to have happy parents most importantly, and most parents don’t provide an example of this.

  4. Just coming out of a 5 year relationship. I was never unfaithful…But I introduced dangerous things in which she decided to take part. By that time I had already done enough "mistakes" in her eyes that she couldn't move on from.
    them…every single Ex who she stalked she wouldn't let go of.

    We developed a toxic co-dependency. JBP – I'm hoping your words will help me in this time.

  5. I’m in the most difficult relationship I’ve ever been in and what I’ve gathered is I need to leave this person. Easier said than done.. it’s very hard to be strong when a person has become your other half and you genuinely care and love them

  6. If you are losing more energy than you are gaining, and it's repeatedly happening; it's probably time to walk away. Relationships are rewarding, but they come with their challenges. The challenges cannot be avoided, nor should you avoid a relationship altogether, in order to avoid them. But there comes a time when our intuition is telling you, and will know without a shadow of a doubt it's time when that time comes. There's no grey area there. You are there or you are not.

  7. Stayed with a deceiving psycho for 33 years before I realized he was a deceiving psycho. So he alienated our kids from me. They think he's the good, successful example. A priest told me to leave 25 years ago. I didn't listen. Watch out for the good-looking, great actor types.

  8. Omg, how do you even do this job Mr. Peterson. these are the questions that I ask myself and I always and up trying to think about something else.
    Cuz the answers are rough, I rly can't handle what I find out.

  9. I just ended a relationship. She is addicted to social media and always complaining about how bored she is. I always tried to get her out hiking or swimming but she was never in the mood. She would start arguments when I wouldn't sit around with her watching her mess around on her phone. It sucks but I can't just sit still when there are new things to experience. I tried forming agreements where we wouldn't use our phones at dinner and whatnot but she just couldn't put the damn thing down. It was beyond repair.

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