Kareena Kapoor Khan Regrets Choosing Acting Over Studies? | Dabur Amla What Women Want | 104.8 Ishq

If there’s one thing Kareena Kapoor Khan wishes she could reverse is choosing acting over finishing her education. Catch her talking about her own choices and what choices she’d like Taimur to make on #DaburAmlaWhatWomenWant, her unapologetic show on 104.8 Ishq !

Watch the full episode with Sunny Leone here – https://youtu.be/CtQhRpFxhpU

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Comment (34)

  1. I am your die-hard fan….. Please its a dying request from me please join Instagram so that we can be in touch with you through your beautiful story's and post.. Please please please.

  2. I'm extremely happy to hear that my favourite actor is being so open about not studying enough and not sugar coating anything . More respect and power to you ❤
    P.s it's never too late to complete your education

  3. kuch baatein aisi hain jo kewal school aur education he sikha skti hain,,, english hindi achha bolna aapko educated person nahin bna skta h,,,, aapka achha behavior aapko educated bnata h,,, jo kareena darling ko nahin aata,,, toh madam ji aap anpadh gawar ho aur gawaar he rahogi,,, change your attitude…

  4. I feel this realisation has especially hit her as she is now a part of the Pataudi family and they are all very educated so after all these years, as that's her social circle now, it's not surprising that the change came due to that natural complex but I think it's really Sara Ali Khan who elaborates in her interviews why she feels education is important for self growth.

  5. Even without your degree, you're still one of the most successful women in India after almost 20 years in the industry. Women you began with or worked alongside with have faded away but you're still reigning alongside the later actresses like Deepika, Kangana and Alia.

  6. Have you ever tried to think even that y in the middle of two fully cled men is always a nude women….. Let me tell u….they are being made puppets n they serve the job of a SHOW PIECE……
    If you wud understand, woman in herself is a treasure n treasures are worth keeping in veils n not open as u….. That any one can steal it

  7. Education hasil karke bhi kya ukhaad lete….. Even then you would have promoted whatever u r promoting right now… Not only u but the whole bollywood…. U made humans real savages n to serve their devilish wishes…. U are also responsible for the moral degradation of our society.
    For people like you even bedroom scenes are part of profession, doing a steamy scene of intimacy is damn profession…. I feel pity on u sweatheart.
    Serving your wishes is so easy. If you are a tigress, you will control your savage self

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