Le'Andria Johnson 2nd Husband Shows PROOF That They Are STILL Married | He's Fighting To See His Son

Gospel Singer and Grammy Award winning artist Le’Andria Johnson has definitely had her ups and downs and many take to her straight forward keeping it real ways. She’s been honest about her struggles with alcohol and has been honest about not biting her tongue on the language she uses as a pastor. One part of her life has been closed off and thats the part concerning her 2nd husband and their current status.

I talked with Michael Underwood who showed me proof of their marriage license as well as documents concerning both he and Le’Andria going back and forth to court to try and get a divorce. What makes this so alarming is that Le’Andria is currently promoting her marriage to her “third husband”. Unfortunately, you can’t get married to someone new without getting a divorce. Michael is unable to move forward in relationships and get married because of his marriage to Le’Andria. The Ex couple also have a 10 year old son together and he alleges that he has not been able to see his son since he was 8 months old, yet he has been trying to.

What are your thoughts?

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Comment (31)

  1. 2 questions. 1 what was that thing that told u that would be your wife? 2. Were there any warning signs when u guys were dating?

    See? People like her are very narcissistic. She used him, got her baby, and now she's out. They use then discard. They are good at lying, manipulating, and getting people to do their bidding. Her parents played a huge part in what she is. In short she had the spirit of jezabel. Her new hubby is in for a treat.

  2. LeAndria let your son be in his biological father's life! They both are missing out on getting to know each other. It really hurts when a child is kept from bonding with his/her biological parent. Ask me how I know. I was 35 years old when I met my dad for the 1st time. I missed out of a lot not having his male figure in my life. Hopefully through her recovery she will do what's best for her son and allow him to get to know and love his real dad. God bless all.

  3. This young lady is not just suffering from alcoholism she has mental illness. This is the problem with the church and church folks, they will know that someone is messed up but they will hide and pretend that everything is alright. It’s sad because a lot of problems are hidden about church leaders and alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, infidelity, homosexuality and lesbianism is real and folks are hiding the truth. Leading Elohim’s people with demons and devils all up in the mix. For her sake I hope she gets help and tells the truth. So many folks need to be heard but the church is good for covering up. We are all human and we all have our downfalls. Instead of using the power of the most high to set free and deliver and show that even though I am a minister I still need God just as much as a homeless person need shelter or a drug addicted individual needs rehab the church should be a place where even the highest ranking in the church can come and be delivered. Someone needs to call her out and get her the help she needs.. I’m praying for her.

  4. The level of respect I have for you chronicle after this video is so high. Thank you for putting this video out here to help this man. He deserves it. I even shedded a little tear when he started crying

  5. That's whats wrong with people today they are always judgmental it's 3 sides to a story and just because you have a marriage license doesn't mean that you're still married don't be so quick to believe what you hear

  6. You said he's only seen his son two times and he agreed. Then he talked about the last time he saw his son was at the hospital after she gave birth. So, that would be ONE time actually or did I miss something? At any rate, Le'Andria sounds like a piece of work. Why did he marry a drunk? And how is she married to someone else, now? I question the new dude as well, Pastor Forrest Walker. Why would he marry an already married woman? An already married woman who's a drunk. Smh

  7. I am from Florida I am literally less than an hour away away from Orlando and my question is why can't we do what she says by getting a divorce and then later on taking her to Family Court all that needs to happen when she can go ahead and file for divorce and she doesn't even have to sign the paper. I'm also curious as to how this child has an awesome sense of humor and the awesome personality is that the child is extremely smart if he has not seen this time since she was 8 months. Now don't get me wrong I hope that this situation gets handled in the Legal way but something about this story is not all the way right either.

  8. It sounds like she had postpartum depression with her other children and it never got taken care of which probably resulted in and a lot of this Behavior so it it's possible that this is untreated postpartum depression.

  9. How are you all helping to Break her more. You say you are her husband doing this in public says alot about you.May God forgive every one of you.You are very heartless for doing this.how do expect your Son to feel. God help LeAndria Heal her…A man who will do this in public even if you feel hurt you should behave yourself.Where were you when she lost her house if you are that good of a man…

  10. Ppl kill's me with judging ppl as if they are perfect . She's human in have probelms in issues just like her so instead of judging just pray. In at yhe end of the day it's two sides to every story . It gotta be a reason why she won't let him see her son.

  11. Matthew chapter 7 verse 1 says judge not that ye shall not be judged.God said it is not for me to judge anyone because I don't have that right whether I've been in their position or not. the devil will use any and everybody to come at you to bring you down to low rate your name in every way . And I just pray that God continue to bless Miss Johnson and everything she do. It is sad how the devil is using both of these people to bring this woman down worse than where she is

  12. Mike just want some publicity and money. He was right there in altamonte springs right in the same city as his son and he wasn't trying to see his son or take care of any of his other kids he was so far in child support debt that she didn't want to be with him. He got beat up because he put his hands on their sister.


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