Man Kush advice to married men

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  1. The church has become a club like and an entertainment zone for sinners and when many are swimming in sin. The church is heading to hell in this hour while chasing after the worldly materials. The time for laughing is over saints, the days have changed and time is short. Let us return to fear of God, return to holiness , stop nonsense at pullpit, stop comedians, Jesus Christ did not joke with gospel, the apostles were not comedians they were serious for Gospel, repent and return to the Lord, Jesus is crying for his Church while you are entertaining the Church, Sins has increased in Church, lies , pride, immorality, abortion, masturbation, love of money and drunkenness. You don't speak it all and what you speak is money, riches, wealthy and cars. That is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ but a satanic gospel from devil leading many to Hell because of ignorance to the word of God. Jesus Christ is coming we are in last days. The truth hurts but that's the only way to Heaven. Heaven is for few and the way is narrow and without holiness and righteousness no one shall see Heaven. Repent and Turn to Jesus Christ all you preachers and followers of such gospel. God is calling those who have thirsty and hunger for rightousnes for they shall be filled – if you are interested by Truth watch my sermon on my YouTube channel : Watchman Peter Official Channel ETV _(this channel) a street preacher calling the Church back to the right way.


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