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  1. Brilliant comment for the caretaker / codependent “I’m a nice person. I’m supporting the love revolution. I’m going to follow what’s good for me and if someone else has a problem with it, why would I disturb their problem as if I could offer a solution? I’m just being me.” – Matt Kahn

  2. I love Matt and have followed his teachings for years. But I’ve always found it hard to listen to podcasts where he is the guest because he is on such a different level than the host. She keeps randomly changing the subject and doesn’t even seem to be listening to him.

  3. I adore Matt and have greatly benefitted from his teaching. But I’m very confused about where Matt is around relationship. Recently, he announced a breakup and heart break. Check out his Facebook posts. Did he get married and the relationship was short lived and thus the heart break. It looks like Julie is not his wife. Who is or was Julie? She traveled with Matt and I thought she was Matt’s SO. Anyone else confused? I’m not trying to be gossipy but the topic of love and relationship, and breakups with these vague announcements is keeping my head spinning. I respect privacy but does anyone know what’s going on? I have no judgement towards anyone. Just want to understand.

  4. Amazing…I study Osho, Krishnamurty, …but this man truly knows something!!!

    Even when we are in relationship we still have to be with our own heart !!!

    BRAVO!!! This is tha basic rule that relationship is not a posessive nightmare…

  5. i just watched one of Matt's most recent videos talking about how the marriage ended with Ali, so i'm confused….(i didn't watch the above video yet, but i clicked on when someone was congratulating him)….Strange, i recently found out Matt got married, then he talks about the marraige ending…so…hmm…

  6. I think Matt is powerfully demonstrating that if you put your focus on anything or anyone outside of yourself as your basis of joy or success without strong self love , life can and does sometimes truly crush you. He was over the moon about his marriage and now it's over who knows why, really none of our business, and probably no ones fault. What I find amazing is that he remains loving even though obviously emotionally devastated . That is true mastery

  7. this seems to be about personal awakening and while this is absolutely a necessary component to the ladder of ever increasing understanding of truth, there is then the vision of what is really going on in this world…when one is truly connected to the heart then there is a realization of deep abiding connection with all of life, with this planet….the abuse and struggle everywhere and the misaligned values of a consumerist culture. the universal (sacred) principle that speaks to connection with the planet, with all sentient beings has been deeply severed. so much spirituality is still focused on "my experience" – which is understandable considering the environment and lineages we were all born into. i think spirituality must meet the challenges of today and be aimed on increasing awareness – self-empowerment, and on how to make collective changes. its fine to drink green smoothies and purify my "own" sacred space and shut the news to the horrific directions this overly masculine paradigm is pushing towards. perhaps its a faux pas to bring this up to spiritual seekers, but i truly think its time to step out a bit more and have the courage to look at what's really going on in a wider context. the spiritual conditioning that i have had to release is that of a masculine spiritual paradigm whereby samadhi, enlightenment – awakening is some exalted ( and merely intellectualized achievement). the awakening i experienced while deeply liberating was also shocking and filled with grief looking at a culture infused with such superficial values, destructive tendencies, unawareness and disconnection from self and thereby this planet at large. a heart connection expands much deeper than just the self. the true self is much larger than who we have been conditioned to "think" we are. music bypasses words and the intellect in an overly rationalized environment where most are spinning in their own individual matrices to anchor the truth and re-awaken sacred principles of life. music is the tool to open the universal heart- and to begin to help all individuals access their own creativity, their own power -guidance and realizations and be anchored and moved from within rather than programmed by this mental and fear based overly masculine dominated society.

  8. When Matt said he heard a loud sound it reminded of this verse of the bible. This verse symbolizes the renewed mind after the death of the lower desires, or ego. The 7 represents the chakras. The sound represents the light of God. The army is the 12 cranial nerves connected to the brain. The city is the kingdom of God.

    Joshua 6:16 New International Version (NIV)
    16 The seventh time around, when the priests sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the army, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the city!

  9. I was telling my partner about the break up. My partner is not into spirituality. But he said something interesting, he said why would Matt give up so quickly on his marriage, if he proclaimed so much love, he basically said if he was a follower he would no longer follow him. I am on the fence i really don't understand what happened and it's really confusing for me. I feel so much sadness for Matt because in all his video's he mentioned Ali and he was glowing and beaming with so much love for her, even wanting children with her. So I feel the pain he must be feeling. You can hear it in the tone of his voice, there are tears that are stored in his throat.


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