Meatless Burger Mishap. Danny Johnson

Occasionally you go to a fast food restaurant and end up with a meatless burger mishap. Watch “The Chusky Life” by Danny Johnson only at


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  1. He knows my struggle! I ordered a 3x cheeseburger w bacon (fatass at heart lol) legit got all the way home and everything else was on it the bacon and everything but not even a single patty… my gf and I went back and she refused to let me handle it… considering this was about the 5th or sixth time they screwed up the order in a significant way I was pretty pissed so I guess good call on her part. Yea this is a very 1st world problem but the way I look at it is if someone doesn't want to do the job correctly there are 30 other people who really really need a job soooo….

  2. This happened to me once…my kid ordered a burger with bacon, in store, and I took it back bc there was no bacon on it and the cook flipped out calling me a liar. I said hey look you may have put bacon on a sandwich but it didn't make it to me, I finally just told the clerk to give me my money back and they can have the damned sandwich, I'll just cross the street and order a pizza.

  3. We're off to McD's on Friday to try out the new all American burger range of burgers. I've got my heart set on the Big New Yorker + a large Lime Shake and Large Fries. It better not be a salad burger. Cheers, Chris Perry.

  4. "Are you finished with that or just resting" – I heard that a lot growing up. One side is, trying to 'push you out' for next customers and more tips. The other is, they are watching. Say it's your first 'course', the appy. In classier places, the waiters would watch to see how far you've gone along. I wasn't a production line. So if you took your time, they'd hold back the next course rather than it just shows up. If it was 'excessive' or you've made no moves on the food, that's where the 'resting' part comes in… Or I was young and they were giving us shiate… Then again, I was never 280 nor was anyone else that comment was said too… 'I am the hamburgler'… Awesome…


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