Mooji- NOT a real guru…. and now abuse and cult allegations

Becoming God: Inside Mooji’s Portugal Cult


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  1. in this moment you are reading this and it's all happening in one place WE call here and now. be in the next moment as it will be all there is if it ever will be. Love u all

  2. Mooji is a double sided sword. I believe he was truly a deciple of Papaji and wanted to awaken, practicing non-dualism and Advaita Vedanta but could not reach self-realization; it is a long process and one needs discipline and patience. In this video he bowes down to Papaji

    So Mooji just uses what he aquired from Papaji, other gurus and passes on the teachings. The followers who flock to him are NOT awakened BUT he gives them the illusion that they are. As soon as he realized that it works it pampered his ego, gave him (false) power and made him money. Instead of ridding his ego, it won over him and he will be trapped in greed and sex until his body dies.

    Once you are self-realized, you do not need a guru anymore, you become one. A true guru, which means master, just talks about his experience and how to rid your ego using the "who am I?" meditation, nothing more, nothing less. He does not advertise his satsangs, asks for money and does not start a cult.

    That's why I really respected Robert Adams who was the last deciple of Ramana Maharshi. He referred to himself jokingly as the ego killer. Robert just sat in someones living room and very simply explained self realization. He was poor but never asked for money, bedded his followers or twisted arms to be his disciple. Either it resonated with you or it didn't.

    I highly recommend to listen to one of his satsangs here on YouTube to understand what a real 'guru' is all about and how he acts.

    The greatest love you will ever find is inside of you.

  3. Truth So now you will teach the world what is right spiritual principle?? These are thousands of year text and different people translated differently. People worship stone, animal, tree, water , teacher, politician ,,, You have no idea what the hell you are talking. There is no particular a teaching. Anything that keep distance between mind and consciousness is good . Today people are taking psychotic drugs, chemical just to keep the distance or keep mind quiet. Mooji is better than these pharmaceutical companies . Liberation happens once in millions in today time, no one trying to liberate people. It is better to spend time listening him than watching CNN or present TV media. If you know stuff why don’t you start your own program and let the people decide.

  4. Letting people kiss his feet, abusing the power balance by turning devoted followers into lovers, letting people sing to him as if he is God etc? Preposterous and cult-like. In any case, from the nondual perspective the whole idea of trying to follow a so-called 'higher' or 'awakened' being is absurd and is just a manifestation of ego. A person doesn't become an 'enlightened' or 'awakened' being'; enlightenment or awakening is the realisation that the separate person and all separation is illusion.

  5. It is not really accurate that Ramana didn't teach enquiry to everyone. First he would not give instructions if he was not asked, then he would first try to point towards enquiry. If the person is not satisfied then he would suggest other practices. Also if you came to him saying you are doing any practice without complaining he would say something like good good, carry on.
    About Mooji he didn't even start his spiritual path, Rolling Stones have shakti as well.

  6. A 10 min video, and yet so little actual information! And a misleading title for this video also, I would advise too change it, as you only mention the sex thing at the end once or twice and didn't even elaborate on that. I appreciate you warning us, but mooji doesn't only teaches self enquiry, he points us always back too the 'I' presence the' I am ' of being. It is not merely the who am I question.. And he has giving many different ways but encourages too question the' I' if it is the true 'I'. And not the idea we have of our selves. If you have any questions I could try to answer you as objectively as possible, as I'm not defending him nor attacking him, just sharing my experience I have of being around mooji and the sangha or cult or organization.. I would love too hear you're opinion about osho, Eckhart tolle, sadhguru, gangaji, ganga mira.. Or maybe can you share who you think is a true living guru?

  7. I could agree that mooji is a spiritual teacher rather then a guru.. But I feel you have never sat in one satsang with mooji, because since I'm following him, he always disencourage the feet kissing, the team even asks it explicit too not kiss or touch his feet as mooji rather wants too look you into the eyes!! And still people's are doing it!! I've seen him literally trying too pick people's of off the ground when they are bowing at his feet! Their are indeed a lot of stuff too doubt about when you see all the commercial stuff happening around him, and the money, the pictures of his feet you can buy along with all the other stuff they sell.. Whatever his state of enlightenment is, his words are still beautiful, and I haven't heard a lot of beings talk like this, very heart warming and mind freeing.. But maybe it's all an act, he keeps up for like 20 years now? Anyway bless too all for getting this out their so we can openly discuss these matters around these topics as it is often taboo

  8. having similar first hand experience with other gurus I'm quite sure that Mooji is just another fallen "guru". what I don't get is how can you talk what would sat guru do or would not, unless you consider yourself to be the one ? if you are only talking only from what you've read or what you believe to be truth , how can you be so sure? it's just your perspective on things.

  9. Whilst I share your concerns and fears about Mooji and his teachings, I cannot agree that self inquiry is for the very very few. It's true that Ramana Maharshi advised people differently according to their own experience. So what is self inquiry? It means to go back to the source, to abide in non-dual, pure awareness and this is the aim of most meditation practices or any practice worthy of being called meditation. Although you could argue that other forms of meditation using an object such as breath or mantra are less direct than atma vichara (self inquiry) nevertheless the purpose of using an object in meditation is to transcend and to experience pure awareness which is the same destination as self inquiry. So you could apply this principle to vipassana, transcendental meditation, Zen sitting practice and others. Millions of people practice these various forms of meditation. They are for everyone. It's not an esoteric teaching. The one pointedness of samadhi even for brief periods is much more common than you might think. It is true that within the formal structure of Vedanta there is advice about preparing the mind, but as Ramana said, even the sinner should not to be concerned about being a sinner but turn the mind inwards to the source.


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