My Homeless Christmas: The misery of life on the streets of London

James Brown discovers what life is like for a homeless person in one of the world’s wealthiest cities. He spends Christmas sleeping rough on the streets of London, begging for change. While most people are merrily preparing for the holidays, this festive time of year is just another reminder of loneliness for anyone who’s homeless.
Traditionally, the holiday is about home and family, both long lost for anyone who can’t remember the last time they saw a real bed. James Brown meets some of the people who have lived that way for years. Each one has a heart-breaking story about how they came to be alone and with nowhere to go. Many share a common problem: the vicious cycle of addiction that binds them to the streets.
James explores the mental and physical effects of homelessness and the means available to help break out of it. He interviews homeless people and charity workers who provide food, as well as those who have succeeded in leaving the street behind and putting their lives back on track. As always, James experiences the situation first-hand, going through the challenges homeless people face every day. He also discovers why it’s so difficult to go back to a normal life after crossing that line and becoming homeless.
This show offers an inside view on what some would almost see as a parallel world, inhabited only by the homeless, unseen by others. Here, the back streets and dark alleys are transformed into whole communities, suffering from various kinds of addiction. Anywhere that appears abandoned could easily be a make-shift home, a damp cellar or doorstep someone else’s bed for the night. Only a few dedicated volunteers cross into this hidden, unseen world, offering help for any who are willing to be rescued.

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  1. The point is, just to have an open mind and not treat them like trash. You can tell that the world is fucked just by the amount of people who won't even give change that they can't buy crap with anyways. Better hope that the Shit never hits the fan. Lol

  2. How Britain can invite thousands of immigrants into their country & give them all the perks & yet their own people get thrown out into the streets. Shame on the British government. Your day will come as we all know karma is a bitch…

  3. Homeless people, it shouldn't happen. They don't seem to provide enough accommodation, but it's funny how the government ensure they've provided enough alcohol.
    However, there are some people who are trouble makers, alcoholics, drug addicts, and can be evicted for this. There are also hostels

  4. Very sad that a rich country like ours will not help its own but will go out of its way to help people from every shit hole on earth, just go to the west end today 95% of homeless are British and they are told there are no homes but there are plenty of homes for Albanians and Africans. VOTE FOR BRITAIN.

  5. This guy did 1 night on the street! i live in Shepherds Bush the place he picked to sleep is practically deserted its a church at the top of the Shepherds Bush Road. I think this make a mockery of Homelessness i have never been homeless but its snowing here in London feb 2019 and my thoughts turn to the people that havent been picked up and taken to a shelter when the temp is -5 outside, they dont have the option of getting up the next day and going home like this muppet did Dont do DRUGs

  6. the govt have been allowed to stigmatise the poor with their callous policy's , by deviding people, working poor against unemployed poor, zero hours , bedroom tax, fines, evictions, putting pension age up, benefit sanctions , forcing sick older people off disability, all supported by the public.,the Nazis had similar policy's, what kind of society have we become when many people are living in misery, with no security fore the future

  7. Get a job, bums. I always worked full time. If I needed more $$ I got an additional job. BTW, homeless people have NO RIGHT to have a pet. Take some responsibility, people. It's YOUR fault if you can't make it. Stop blaming.

  8. I used to think uk is developed country so nobody there is homeless or begger bt i was little wrong poverty hits everywhere on planet bt hv faith on yourself n make your life count n worthy

  9. What a wonderful documentary. These people who are homeless do not choose to be homeless. Why or how they end up this way is not the point . The point is to help them get back to being health human beings and yes that takes finances and support but until we all make some effort homelessness will increase. They need society's help not our condemnation. God help and bless the homeless.

  10. I never understand why people want to play homeless.. I was homeless for three years here in the states. Was the worst thing that ever happened to me,bit I can say that I did it to my self. Drugs an alcohol had a brutal grip on me. I have since gotten clean n sober. 1.5 years now. It is possible to get off the streets, but alot of people helped me to get this far. God bless these people, I hope they get some help soon.

  11. Every time I see things like this; like poverty amongs English children or all those people living in poverty or even on the streets… I see England as a sort of 3rd world country. Those things don't exist in The Netherlands if you don't want them to.
    And then they want a Brexit. It made me facepalm when I heard it for the fist time.

  12. Now a days you can't tell the real homeless from those looking to buy booze or just scam those giving from their own pockets one paycheck away from being homeless. Consider this, turning abandoned in good condition ware houses into single or double room a combinations for a single or couple. This should be done with abandoned hotels, motels and multi room buildings. Government CAN do these ideas to put these folks into a warm, dry area. No aid to other countries UNTIL we clean up our own streets. Decide whether a man is more important to keep off drugs ( brought into the country by another country for profits to politicians) than line the pockets of these theives. Use your brains.

  13. So many 3rd world immigrants taking all the menial jobs , then the Africans bringing in the drugs. There is no hope for poor white people in Britain. The journalist is the asshole. Compassion that evaporates so quickly ISN'T COMPASSION, it's hypocrisy. Asshole.

  14. According to the Ministry of Defence, the total cost of UK military operations in Iraq from 2003 to 2009 was £8.4bn. Official calculations stated that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined cost £20.3 billion. All tax payers hard earned money.

  15. If I am to be completely honest, I feel totally inadequate about the homeless situation in fucking Britain today. To me it feels like the government don't care. I would like to do something to help, but besides giving donations of food, money and clothing there's little more I can do to help my fellow Brits.

  16. I felt sad for the interviewer because he seemed lonely. Addicts whether in recovery or on the streets usually have a support system. I believe that we need to show compassion for each other which makes being vulnerable much easier. Basic needs are important but so are intellectual, emotional and spiritual closeness.

  17. Pouring tenth of thousands of cash To Third world countries while You cant feed your Own Thats where i Beleave Most goverments in western Countries are Energized by Big "Money people" People who only care about Themselves!!

  18. I have noticed only white British people who are only homeless. Wake up people. We are a minority now. People who come into the Country are now classed as Citizens, we are the visitors. This is an invasion

  19. The almighty God takes care of its own. Britain is one country that promotes atheism and homosexuality worldwide. Richard Dawkins has written books mocking God and Christianity but where is human intelligence? Where is natural selection? Where is the evolution? If these people knelt down and prayed God will miraculously save them from this poverty. I know it because I was nearly there.


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