Not Looking For A Relationship

What you should say and do if you are newly single and want to play the field for a while, or if you simply are not looking for a relationship, but some of the women you are dating are trying to lock you down to a commitment.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who is dating and sleeping with three different women on a regular basis. However, he’s having a great time and feels like life as a single man is fantastic. Before he found out about my work, he used to be very intimidated by beautiful women, and had no clue how to understand them. He shares some success stories of what he’s learned, and how he now has the confidence he once was lacking. He even shares a story about a woman he was dating a few years ago who blew him off when he would not commit to her. She reached out to him recently, and they started hooking up again. He says things couldn’t be better, and he wants to share his success story to encourage other men to read my book so they can get the same results.

“You must be who you are, what you should be is not important. Life is your oyster. You can make it whatever you want. If you want to settle down, get married and spend the rest of your life with one person, then do that. If you want to have multiple girlfriends who you have an open relationship with, then good for you, do that. If you want to have three girlfriends and be exclusive with the three of them, then do that. The bottom line is that no matter what form of relationship you choose to have, like minded people will be supportive, while most other people who have different views on relationships are more than likely not going to have anything nice to say. Live your truth without fear, shame and be unapologetic about it. Life is short. You should create a life and lifestyle that is to your liking and continually circulate until you find other like minded people who share the same goals and values.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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Comment (22)

  1. I'm open to some honest advice.

    I've been considerably ill for some time and it is to the extent where it is disabling although people might not realise it when they see me if I'm well enough to get out. To me it's quite a private thing and I don't like anyone seeing me when I'm poorly because it is distressing for me and when I'm well I don't like it to be the focal point.

    One of the problems is over the yesrs I've become worse and this has resulted in needing to spend long periods convelessing and so time is very precious to me. All the things everyone else takes for granted I have to squeeze into what hours I have that week, including self care or just doing something which I enjoy and enjoy doing alone.

    I've always been in relationships since I was 16, barely spending a few months single. However after my last relationship ended a year ago and I had wrestled with the fear and demons of being alone I decided I just wanted to remain by myself as was happier. I've always been a person who gives too much and found myself wracked with guilt about not being good enough or working too hard to please. Being a people pleaser you are always trapped between a rock and a hard place, you can't please everyone afterall.

    Is it wrong to just be by myself? I feel I have hurt people by rejecting them, when it's not really rejection. I am just content coping with my illness without having to worry about someone else. Having friends is more important to me. People to rely on and have a good time with. I don't think people always understand how debilitating chronic illness can be or what they let themselves in for by wanting to date and with everything else I don't want to suffer the heart break of them realising this when the time comes.

  2. I'm going through this right now. Told girl I wasn't looking to rush anything but she kept hanging out with me, even held off on sex with her cause I know what happens once I do that. We did it one night and the very moment after she said i was 'seeing her'. The other day she told me she bought me a gift….I need to find a decent way out of this.

  3. There's a guy I've known for a few years who doesn't want a relationship but he wants to have sex with me. I know that if I have sex with him I will get hurt because I have feelings for him and I want to be in a relationship before I have sex with someone. Am I going about this the wrong way?

  4. Hi Coach Corey Wayne. What do you recommend for women with the same issues. Do you know of a good resource with a feminine approach in regards to relationships and fulfillment? Thanks ;D

  5. I do alright, but fuck! I want to know what this guy looks like, how old he is and how he handles the logistics. I cant believe she came back to him after 2 years, and Still he didn't want relationship and she went back to banging.. the 2 week no reply definitely helped… almost dread like, she probably had butterflies when she finally got the email. I really wonder how he got the date and hook up going.

  6. Corey, I wish I would have known about your Youtube channel, website, and book when I was with my ex. I feel the relationship would have lasted and been much healthier if I had your help. I realize now how many stupid things I did during the relationship because I was uneducated and didn't know about your teachings. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and helping me realize that I have to make changes in my life to become a better man. Thank you for all your help and wisdom.

  7. I'm not unnattractive or anything. But I'm not confident as I'm newly single. It's so weird how I would always get other girls to sleep with me when I had a girlfriend, but now I'm just too nervous to get their numbers

  8. Great video. Too many people these days seem to live like they must rely on other people for their happiness. As Corey often says "You must participate in your own rescue". You've got to take action to have the kind of life you really want and attract the kinds of people you want to spend time with. Life's short. Make it amazing. Everything else is mediocrity. Too many people play it safe and it makes you wonder if those people believe that they'll get another crack at life after they die. It's delusional. This life is your one shot. Why should anyone put limits on themselves. This guy in this video newsletter is living his truth. Good for him. 


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