Onision And LaineyBot Outed For Child Abuse

Lainey and Onision are under fire for allegedly grooming an underage girl for the purpose of inappropriate relations and the community is going after them hard 🔥
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Comment (28)

  1. Where was Sarah's mother? Just hand your daughter over to some random person on the internet for guardianship? Into that mess?

    Edit: nevermind. That girl never had a chance. This is awful

  2. Onision is just a very toxic human being and the fact that he has children of his own, that living in this kind of environment?? They need to be taken away cause children don't need to be in this kind of living space.

  3. This is abusive behavior on his part for sure. The way he always places the blame on the girls through messages is a way to try and regain control. By making them feel guilty and calling them traitors, he is hoping they will feel so guilty as to submit to him. This slowly all comes down to learned helplessness. Look it up, it’s grooming and gaslighting basically, and then the person basically begins to have Stockholm syndrome and feel like they can’t leave because nothing will ever change anyway.

  4. I think if the girls understood sex and its possible consequences, and isn't under the age of 14/15 it's fine. At that point you no longer look like a child, and you're aware of what you're doing. But i don't think it's cool for them to have so many people in and out around their kids but that's a personal choice.

  5. As someone who was around at the beginning of the allegations (back when Lainey came in, after the Shiloh biz) I’m surprised onion boy hasn’t been shut down by now. There’s plenty of youtubers who have been arrested or taken off the site for less.

  6. I’m honestly not shocked, seeing all the things that Onision has done/said in the past, but I AM completely disgusted. Not ONLY Onision, but LAINEY too, groomed this girl. And if it’s true that she came from an abusive home and they took her in under the guise of “rescuing” her, that just makes it even worse. There is an imbalance of power in a relationship between a creator and a fan. Put that together with this girl being 1: underage 2: coming straight out of an abusive home life and 3: having an emotional disorder, this makes her EXTREMELY vulnerable to being groomed…like she was. And again, not just by Onision, but by Lainey as well. I’m glad one of his channels got taken down. He’s a complete garbage human.

  7. I use to love onision, but then the older I got, the more I've realized how crazy and creepy he is. This was all before anything that's happened in recent years. He just gave me a bad vibe.


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