Patrice O'Neal – God, men want to be alone REACTION (Just for Laughs)


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  1. You should check out a show right here on YouTube called Tough Crowd. It was a show in the Bush years on Comedy Central hosted by Colin Quinn, and he was friends with Patrice, so Patrice was on there every week, usually more than once!! The topics aren't exactly current, but Patrice was hilarious on that show all the time!! I knew about him in the early Clinton years, way before most, but he was just starting then.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Bill Burr put me on Patrice O'Neal. Everyday I'm listening to O&A with Patrice. So sad that he had to go and was such a talent!!

  3. Jalen, I've had a similar experience with O&A, hearing how quick, imaginative and honest O'Neill was. I've only recently weened myself from listen to their episodes after 2 years.

  4. watch Patrice O'neal Brutally Honest: fan made documentary on youtube if you haven't. It really shows who Patrice really was. The side most people don't know. Great video if you're a comedy fan!

  5. more stand up reactions please. Burr, Patrice, Louis, Chris rock, Gervais etc (edit) Anything off Patrices HBO special "one night stand" is great!


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