Relationship advice – How to make love last (How to keep your partner interested)

Ever been dumped by someone you love?

Ouch. Sucks, right?

In this video relationship and sex expert Alex Allman answers an e-mail from a reader about how to make relationships last… and how to make sure that someone you love never dumps you again.

Making passion and attraction last in a relationship is not something that happens passively… you have to DO SOMETHING…

And yet sometimes, trying too hard to keep your lover from leaving you can be exactly the thing that KILLS attraction and ultimately sends them away.

Here’s exactly what to do instead to make your relationship last forever.


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  3. this is probably the best relationship advice i have ever heard in my life, because usually people go on about trust, sex, and you have to keep things fresh so he doesnt get bored of you and decides to walk away with some younger or more sexually expert girl. in my case i have for the first time in my life found a relationship that last more than 4 months and i have learned soooo much been with him (although he is 10 years older than me) and i have grown to love him in a way i havent felt before and right now after a year and 4 months of been together we are going through a really rough patch and all i been thinking is that "i dont want him to leave, i need to find a way for him to stay with me" instead of thinking "we need to work on a better safe space to talk (saw that on another one of your videos) and to enjoy more my relationship and  the love for each other" i really going to try to put this in practice i hope i do it right 🙂

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  5. You don't have to be 100% into a relationship for it to be a source of fun, deep learning, (and plenty of pleasure, pain, frustration, introspection, and everything else!).

    The key is to be clear and honest with your self about what the relationship means to you… and then clear and honest with her.

    Your honesty might cause her some pain. Be okay with her pain… and compassionate and loving. It's honest pain, and pain is part of life.

    Trust that you can handle it gracefully as a man.

  6. dating for 4 months! We're having a good time together, but at the same time, I've started to doubt myself due to her; if I'm not ready to go 100% into this relationship (marriage and all of that) am I just playing with her then? I want to be with her, but she's almost suffocating me – sucking my freedom away, and it feels awful. I have to talk to her about this – and your video will help me. Thank you Alex for helping all of us men and women! I look forward to your next videos.

  7. Thanks Dan– For what it's worth, this tip WILL help… focusing on the enjoyment makes enjoyment grow. It's not passive.
    The main thing, long term, is becoming expert at 3 things:

    1) Being present with your lover as they are in the moment (and not as who they are in your head). Seeing them as new (which is the Truth)

    2) Keeping your logical head out of the bedroom

    3) Transitioning from novelty attraction to heart attraction

    Three big topics that I will continue to talk about a lot.


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