Scents That Attract Men: On The RELATIONSHIP TIP

Ladies! Here is one just for you: the scents men are attracted to and how to use them! There are different scents that naturally pull men in and give what is called a “double take”. There is also a method to how you arrange your scents to fit yourself, your house, and seduction. We cover perfume brands, specific perfumes, how to apply them, the 30-Minute Test, and other tid-bits you need to know in order to successfully use scents to attract men! šŸ™‚

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  1. Real studies have shown that Cinnamon is # 1 scent men are attracted to …..!….Cinnamon has a VERY manly smell ……men are also attracted to the smell of Tobacco, Wood, and Vanilla….., women are attracted to floral aromas like Jasmine and Roses….

  2. from my experience, MOST of the men who don't understand the complex of the perfume like sweet, gourmand, fruity, girly and kinda slutty perfume or just being fresh and simple.
    I would recommend anything from Juicy Couture and Victoria Secret. Pink Sugar, La Vie Est Belle, Black Opium, Flowerbomb, Le Petit Robe Noir and fresh like Light Blue, Chance eau Fraiche, Acqua di Gioia etc with similar tone.
    and avoid expensive smell/complicated/mystery/sophisticated/formal and niche perfume.
    just being simple.

  3. Hi great vid…very informative. I however got a bit lost at the very end. What scents did you say were good for those from the Asia but not the middle east…like pakistan, india or china?

  4. this is the best video to date on this topic. Given your experience and expertise, i don't think it can be beat, unless by yourself. However, i heard that men are much much much more visual (as proven by research), and don't really care for scents nearly as much as women do, at least on a mate. What are your thoughts on that? I think it's safe to say that as long as a female is physically attractive and not TOO STINKY, a man will pop a boner at the sight of her. The best perfumes cannot even save a plain face/body, much less an unattractive one, in the dating world. Wish it were otherwise, but this is what it seems to be. Your thoughts?

  5. Question is it faintly normal for a guy to compliment your fragrance? I literally had this happen to me yesterday for the first time. I was taken back by it because usually compliments like that are reserved for intimate situations with a partner your in a relationship with.

  6. I am a young, healthy girl who eats whole vegetarian meals and doesn't smoke or drink. I don't exercise, so I am not athletic. My absolute favorite perfume is Juicy Couture La La, but I only wear it in the summer. My other favorites for fall, winter, and spring are Harajuku Lovers Love, Hanae Mori Butterfly, and Tresor in Love. I wear them for me, not for anyone else, though I hope guys would like my choices. I just wear what I like. I have tried many old and new fragrances, but these are my favorites. Thankfully, friends and family all like my choices. Are these perfumes good choices? Is there anything I can improve?

  7. Which Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is the one that you say is so good it's cheating?Ā  There are lots of scents by that maker and I would like to look up the one you're referencing please!

  8. You are so right about men/boys and vanilla. My eighth grade teacher blindfolded several boy volunteers and had them identify different scents. They all thought vanilla extract was expensive perfume!


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