Taking The Blame Can Lead To Marriage. Mark Poolos

Sometimes taking the blame can lead to marriage, and thats not such a bad thing! For other good advice watch “One Wife, Two Daughters & Zero Influence” by Mark Poolos only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/markp


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  1. this was funny but, that's just your wife dude. I admit that I'm a gassy lady but my farts are all bark, they are very tootie but rarely smelly. Recently though, I was almost murdered by a fart that a coworker of mine let loose, so I can relate to your struggle. I think he had rotten eggs, rotten bacon, with 10 kinds of rotten cheese melted on top and a glass of rotten milk with nesquick for breakfast that morning. I call him the fart-knocker now, not to his face of course. My husband rarely farts in front of me. He only farts when he is going to poo, and he's usually already in the bathroom by then. I only get to hear him fart when he's sleeping. lol. His sleep toots don't smell much either. We eat pretty clean.

  2. To all the sanctimonious busybodies commenting about how this isn't "clean" comedy…please be aware that nobody else likes you…and you are no longer allowed to fart…ever.

  3. Farting jokes are fun. A+. Although he nudged the line of clean comedy with S-O-B; it's a very familiar abbreviation for the phrase. I would hate to see that embraced by other comics as acceptable because it could snow ball to full on cursing.



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