The Best Relationship Advice (Practicing Self-Love)

This is the best relationship advice we can give to ourselves. Watch this! XO

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To Read:

The most important relationship in life is relationship you have with yourself.

You have to like and love who you are. That doesn’t mean that you think you’re perfect or that you’re so arrogant and pleased with yourself – it’s about owning who you are.

When you’re down, can you take actions that lift yourself up?

When you’re feeling insecure, can you remind yourself that it’s not a competition, that you’re always enough no matter what you achieve or don’t achieve?

When you’re frustrated with life, can you change your perspective so that you’re filled instead with gratitude for your life?

These are all the things we’d do for someone we love – we listen to them, we empathise with them and we offer them a perspective that can help them to be happy with who they are.

That’s what love is -The role of a partner isn’t to make the person happy, to help the person we love to be happy with themselves, to help them own who they are.

Loving someone doesn’t mean we’re blind to their flaws. Love isn’t blind – love is acceptance without judgement, and going on to help, support and encourage our partner as they learn how to be happy with themselves.

Loving ourselves is the same. It isn’t blind- we understand our own fears and flaws, yet not judge or hate or force ourselves to change. Instead , we learn how to remind, encourage and offer perspective to ourselves that can help us along as we experience the ups and downs of life.

To build a healthy and strong relationship with yourself, you have to value who you are right now without conditions of who you must be. Then, you’ll start to change and grow without the weight of inward frustration or resentment, and that is self-love.

Work on having a great relationship with yourself, and be happy, always.


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