The Reason Why Tamar Braxton Dumped Alleged Nigerian SC@MMER Boyfriend & Got Back 2 Hours Later!

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  1. African man only live in care for there African kids in woman American women in the kids they give u mean nothing to them I have also been threatening with witchcraft by them lol so I'm just sharing my experience

  2. Dont date African man from eney country they all are scammers I dated a few they only use American women trust me they already have a wife back home in kids u are only there fun intell the wife comes back to the United States in having babies with them doesn't work I have 1 in he treats my son like a trash never meet him seen him in moved States to be with his African wife in then years later I meet a new African guy same thing he has a wife doesn't want me or my child I'm carrying now so don't date them they are garbage

  3. Bro, your facts are so wrong it's embarrassing. His name is David. T'chella is the game name she put out to hide his identity and because he isAfrixan; it is a Wakanda reference. Anyway, she came broke up with him because he and her sisters disappointed her for her birthday. She liked the comment not because he literally scammed her, but because she felt "scammed" by having a let down bday, which she later apologized for acting up on. Also, he is not managing her. Lol.

  4. Tamar should check her relationship with God. She really need to be save for real and stop answering her unsave Nigerian mans booty calls and scams. If she don't want to be saved or live saved and desire to represent and act like the World who is already going to hell than she should continue being perverted, an a adulterous and child abuser (having her son sleep with her and her man) and go to HELL. Vince should get his son from her and all Parties involved should REALLY get save and accept the true king Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can heal and deliver them all

  5. Majority of Nigerian men are scammers, when you see them eeh, run for your life, my sisters run, your stop should be at the police, report them coz they said hi to you and save your heart.

  6. I work with a lady from Nigeria and even she has shared with me how scamming Nigerian men can be and that you have to be very careful in dealing with them.


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