Tsunade's Secret Love Advice To Sakura Explained!

The love of Sakura Haruno’s life is Sasuke Uchiha, but how did she make him fall in love with her? How did Sakura finally attract Sasuke’s attention? Let’s discuss Tsuande Senju’s wise words of wisdom when it comes to attracting men and how Sakura used it to make Sasuke love her!
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  1. Tsunade's advice wasn't a good one. If any relationship wasn't realistic it was Sasuke and Sakura's.
    I could understand if Sasuke had shown Sakura some inkling of affection in the earlies before he left Leaf Village, but this guy tried to kill her.
    That should've had been the deal breaker for her falling for Sasuke.
    Which is why when Kishimoto says he let Sakura end up with Sasuke because she would've looled like a bad woman makes his logic to be stupid.
    The end does not justify the means…

  2. But this is the problem. If you only read the manga, it doesn't feel like Sasuke fell for Sakura's qualities. It feels like Sasuke chose Sakura because that's what the writer decided to do. There is very little indication of Sasuke gradually falling for Sakura. Unless his attacking someone is how he shows his love. Which honestly it may be, since he's attacked Sakura, Naruto, Karin, and Sarada. And I feel the need to point out, Naruto liked Sakura just fine, and didn't notice Hinata until much, much later. So if she wanted him, she could have had him, and beaten him into submission if he ever tried to leave her. Guys in Naruto's family clearly like that sort of thing. XD
    Just recently, I saw a fanart of Sasuke holding a wounded Sakura: she was covered in scratches and blood. I'm sure it was based on the recent Boruto episode. But my honest first thought was, "Damn, Sasuke, some anger management wouldn't kill you, but not getting it might kill her." It never occurred to me until now, but it's a very good thing Sakura decided to study medical ninjutsu. Caring about Sasuke is painful.

  3. "Thrusting her own oversized breasts" ->Hilarious line.

    “He will notice you one day” ->what kind of advice is that? For God’s sake… Kishimoto’s writing of female characters 101.

    "Her qualities as a person will attract the right person…."->Again…Pretty sure you could find a fella donning those qualities right next you,Sakura….Even a fellow kunoichi,maybe….SakuIno anyone? SakuTen?

    Again, Tsunade – lay off the drinking,please.

  4. Hey kryptonian saiyan! Hopefully you can see my comment. Haha I absolutely love your videos. I like how detailed you are in your discussions. Is there anyway you can make a video on reasons why sasuke loves sakura? I try finding some online and no one talks about it. Ppl think it was just a random pairing based on the events in the anime but I'm sure there's more meaning behind it. We all know sakura loves sauske, but it would be interesting to see a video on why sauske loves sakura (Which there's hardly any videos on that). Based on your past videos, I know you'll make an awesome discussion on that. Hope you'll suggest on it! =)

  5. No just cause i feel like ur alot older than hanabi and you said you would be attracted to her
    And i know you just meant her stature or whatever but it just sounded wierd

  6. I feel like the part where Sakura was so based on her appearance about Sasuke was because of her childhood.

    Sakura was an outcast among her peers. she will got picked on and bullied because of her appearance.

    Hell when Ino first saw Sakura she was alone crying her eyes out on the corner of some street. Telling Ino no one wanted to play with her because of her forehead that's why Sakura covered it with her bangs. And Ino told Sakura she should be more proud of how she looks.

    Before she meet Ino. Sakura had no friends, was extremely shy, clumsy, bullied, out casted, mostly alone wonder by herself, low self-esteem and had problems with her parents.
    And people bullied her mainly because of her appearance and she knew that.

    I feel like that part of her childhood is still with her even now. She to some extent fells inferior about her appearance because when she was a kid before and after she met Ino(maybe not as bad) her peers made sure she knew her looks was inferior to them.

  7. so are we sure that tsunade actually has big breast, bcus when she was shown to be a teenager she had a flat chest and she is known to change her appearance to look much younger than she actually is.


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