Unhealthy Relationships

“She’s completely manipulated you into thinking you deserve this.”

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The Lovers Break Up
Mellow Zone
Twilight Steal
Allure Amour
Color Kaleidoscopes
Bicycle Tour
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam
Brittany Ashley

Allison Miller
Instagram: @lilistbyr

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used with Permission


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Comment (41)

  1. At the end, when she is in the car weeping. Surrounded by happy people who don’t even care to notice the sadness consuming the atmosphere. That girl is me all day every day. Always crying in the corner or sad and not communicating. My soul is chattered and nobody cares. My soul would be healed if I had one person who cared about me

  2. I've been in Britney's shoes. Experiencing that first hand takes a toll on ur mental health. If you bring up the courage to confront them they'll make YOU feel bad… The person I was with physically abused me as well, excusing it as playing around, they wouldn't stop even after saying it hurt and to stop. If this ever happens to you physical or emotional tell someone. Get support.

  3. I saw this once a really long time ago but watching it again today, right after I got out of a relationship, I relate to it in such a different way. I saw how bad my relationship was and unhealthy we were together. I never realized it till now.

  4. This has been my life for two years. Unfortunately, love was really blind in my case. It left more scars than it should have. But thankfully, I had amazing friends and a sweet supporting family to help me get out.

  5. All I see is people saying how they are/were abused, but I’m right thinking that I may be the abussive one (not like the video that is too much).
    So I get jealous a lot and my boyfriend knows already, but I’m just afraid bc he’s v flirty with his girl friends (he’s the kind of guy that hang out with more girls than boys), and I don’t want to keep bringing that up so I just deal with it.
    Other thing is that I’m really sensitive and somehow he always ends up being sorry, I just don’t know how to change things. This is my first relationship so don’t not much about this, he had others before, and still in contact.

  6. I've been the abused one, and seeing her constantly trying to please her gf, being more concerned about other's feelings than her own feelings, and not speaking up for herself either with her gf or her friend…reminds me of things I need to work on so that no one can ever do that to me again.

  7. The hardest thing is letting go of someone you love so much and with such history. But it’s unhealthy to stay, trust me my ex of three years cheated on me.. I went back.. then physically abused me.. I still stayed.. burnt all of my clothes… I still stayed until I realized I didnt deserve anything that he put me thru then I finally left. I didn’t even tell my family or friends until 6 months later maybe longer. Don’t try and put the vase together when it shatters, because it’ll never be the same.

  8. The blonde lesbian talked to the other girls boyfriend but wouldn’t let her girlfriend to talk to her friend. She made fun of her girlfriends job and her hobby she’s passionate about. She made her girlfriend apologize when she did nothing wrong…


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