USA Water Polo: A Day with the SEALS

Documentary Short: Men’s National Water Polo Team, in preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games spent a day of “Team Building” experiencing a taste of Navy SEAL, BUD/s training. The team went on to win the Silver Medal in Beijing!


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  1. The most important thing anyone should take from that video is “what teamwork means to me” the other two injured Navy guys came out from behind that wall and dragged him out of there. That’s what sets these guys apart, the ultimate commitment to their team regardless of circumstances, there is no higher honor, to be willing to lay down your life for your friends

  2. I went through BUDS, piece of cake. Then the alarm went off, worst dream ever. Hats off to the boys who wear the trident.Seals are badass, because they have earned that right, not just through reputation but through deeds. To those that steal valor by claiming they were seals, there is a special hell for you -and Shipley will find you.

  3. They give you a goal then do all they can to distract you from achieving that goal…including yelling and insulting you…the weak will be distracted by them and that is not a teammate you want in combat…besides combat is much more stressing and chaotic than anything that they put you through…


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