We Broke Up But Still Act Like A Couple

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In this video relationship expert Coach Lee discusses the complex issue of what to do when there has been a breakup but you and your ex are still acting like a couple, talking often or everyday, and still text each other. If you and your partner broke up but are still talking, this video will hopefully help you find some clarity.

It’s difficult to know what your status is with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend when you have officially broken up but still act like you two are together or are still talking and doing things that couples do. You might even be broken up but still in love with each other.

Coach Lee unpacks this matter and provides some clarity to help you get back together with your ex fully and to know what is going on.

Get Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit at https://myexbackcoach.com/emergency-breakup-kit/

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  1. i have a question about your breakup emergency kit. i am thinking of getting it but i was in a homosexual relationship and there are just two options. it says „women click here” but it’s about getting a boyfriend back. what should i choose? how does it apply to homosexual relationships? also thank you, your videos help me a lot.

  2. Hey Coach Lee – or anyone from the community who could help out here – I'm considering a coaching call – can you tell me what timezone you're in so that l know what time would fit the best? Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey coach Lee valentines day is about a month after we broke up. I was wondering if it's too soon to send her flowers and her favorite candy on that day. Should I start out more subtle and message her. After the 30 days of no contact? She loved romantic surprises in our relationship and I didnt do them that often. I think it would be a good way to prove to her that I can be that exciting guy who gave her butterflies in the beginning again. But I dont know if sending flowers is to quick to soon. Please help

  4. Coach Lee, can you please make a video on Borderline Personality Disorder and how to get them back, she broke up with me 2 months ago, I bought your emergency kit and I've followed most of your advise and she had been reaching out to me and I've asked her out for coffee twice she said she will decide and do after exams. She still texts me here and there and I'm sensing she is trying to keep me as a friend. We are yet to meet in person now.

  5. Hi Lee, I’ve seen my ex on two occasions over the last two weeks (we split up 3 weeks ago). I didn’t beg or even ask to go out again with her. We had light and enjoyable conversation. On the last date, I took her to dinner and see a movie. In both occasions, she was very happy to cuddle and French kiss. On the last occasion, she repeatedly asked me if I was dating and said I “seemed to be in a good place”. She was also surprised that I’d taken up Ceroc dancing. I know she hasn’t met anyone else and has a limited social life. When I dropped her off at her front door on the last occasion, we kissed for five minutes, but she didn’t invite me in. I knew that she wasn’t working the next day, so could have.What to do next?

  6. Hey coach please help!! I’ve been doing no contact for 3 months and things have been off and on but some of my friends and family who I thought I could trust are telling her things. What should I do it’s been three months she’s even talking to my cousin??

  7. Hi Coach Lee . I was in this situation where my ex said she needed time to figure things out and she needed space .. just last week I tried it for a couple days with my now ex and I just couldn’t do it .. I couldn’t be close to her I couldn’t cuddle and do couple things with her while just being a friend or being on a break. Yes she was coming to me and everything but the thing was this girl .. was giving me a buncha signals everytime we did anything together .. like for example calling me a pet name or clinging to me getting really close .. or letting me touch her softly and gently.. so unfortunately I had asked her what we are .. and I was unwilling to just be in limbo because I felt and still feel way to strongly for her to do this with being all couple like but not be clear as to if we were on break or a couple .. we dated for 7 years.. so now after a little bit of pleading and asking like why she broke up with me and if I did anything wrong and saying sorry I have started no contact after giving her a clean slate message and telling her that after taking a step back I’ve realized where I went wrong and I was going to fix them..

    Was this a good decision or should I have just stayed in limbo where I found myself acting like a boyfriend sometimes but most of the time she wasn’t around and I felt confused as to what we were due to all her signals

  8. My ex has started reaching out to me. He asked to meet for coffee last Friday, has been reaching out occasionally since, and called me this evening to chit chat, saying he wants to do something fun this weekend with me! But what bothers me most is that over the weekend he unfollowed me on Instagram. I haven’t told him that I noticed nor do I plan on it. But he’s been reaching out to me acting like it hasn’t happened. Is it possible that he can’t yet handle seeing my posts of me being happy without him?

  9. My ex was in a rebound relationship in June, in September we started talking and she told me about how bad that new guy was and all after that she went hot and cold, in December she starting dating a new guy again so I'm in no contact rn so what should I do?

  10. PLEASE know that "No Contact" really works. You have to pray earnestly, apply "No Contact" and keep busy. Work on yourself. Learn from this unfortunate "break-up". Listen to every one of Coach Lee's videos. Continue to pray earnestly. Watch what happens!!!

    Thank you, Coach Lee!!! Sooooooo much!!!

  11. When my ex broke up with me, i accepted it and immediately went to no contact. After 2 weeks he started messaging me random things (links, memes etc) like we did when we were together. After a month he would come over to my house every week and we would have fun, eat, watch movies and have sex. I never mentioned anything about our relationship. Almost 3 months later I started feeling that he only comes to me for sex and I asked him if all this time that we spend together means anything to him. He answered that he thought that if sex and movies is the only thing that we can have and have good time, then why stop it.

    At that night I just told him that I'm not interested in having a friend with benefits and asked him to stop seeing each other. My question is, what was the mistake that I made? I shouldn't have had sex with him? Or should I have continued having sex with him and not confronting him about the situation? I just gave up, and he continues to message me from time to time. And I really don't know what to do anymore

  12. Coach please help me… my girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. We were together for 4 years. We talked to each other every day on messenger since then, we even spent new years eve together and it was very good. We were kissing and laying in bed and talked through everything. We watched a movie together and we had a good time. But the other day she said that it's not gonna change that we are broke up. I kept messaging her till two days ago when i first started watching your videos and heard about the no contact rule. She called me the first day and kept messaging me that where I am. She even wrote to my mother. Few hours later I responded to her and told her that I need time and i cant get over her if we talk every day like nothing happened. She agreed and even shocked. She sad that she tought this as well but couldn't done it. She even wanted to be sure that she can talk to me someimes and told me that contact her whenever I want. I'm really desperate and I want her back. Do you think that the no contact will work? Will she miss me. How long should I do no contact? And what should I do if she writes me? Thank you for your help in advance!

  13. This is very appropriate for so many situations. Especially talking about intimacy. My ex and I are spending a day together tomorrow, and spending the whole day talking about issues is obviously not the answer. Focusing on having a positive moment- a positive memory- helps more than anything else in the world. Yes, just "shut up" can be a great help. I can highly recommend Coach Lee and his emergency kit. I went through No Contact and it does work if you follow Coach Lee's advice. We are talking now when we were not talking at all back in November. So it does work if you follow his advice!

  14. Communication seems to be the panacea prescribed most often by
    therapists/counselors but you are right—–an atmosphere of peace
    instead of constant talking will go a long way in soothing conflict and
    reducing stress.

  15. Coach Lee,
    I was dating my girlfriend for almost 6 years. Shes suffered from anxiety all her life, she was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. We started dating when we both worked in retail. We always had dreams and plans on our future together. I was always good to her and was with her for everything she went through (some of her pets died, she had multiple visits to the hospital, she didnt have a job for 2 years) I supported her because I loved her. We were the envied couple. We spent all our time together when we were younger, eventually we both got full time jobs and only saw each other Friday-Sunday but would speak every day during lunch and after work. The goal was to save and buy a house while living at home. Back in last July some of her coworkers had asked her to go out to a restaurant. She was anxious about it but eventually I convinced her to go. The whole night I would periodically check up on her just to make sure she was ok. She would say yes and whatnot. Eventually I got a call from her later that night where she was hysterical. She had been kissed by another man. She was so upset about the whole thing but I was exhausted too. I told her it was ok and he needed to calm down. I told her I loved her and she loved me too. I made sure she got home ok. When she did she texted me confessing how much she loved me, how I was her rock and that i mean everything to her. During the same time I was switching up jobs and ended up getting a much better paying one. At first it was all good, but I started getting drained. I would sleep when I saw her Friday nights. We tried to spend more time but my job was too demanding I worked 12-13 hours a day salary to try and give us this life we both wanted. At the same time she got off birth control. I knew that this may have an impact on her emotions I thought I was prepared. Eventually I noticed she wasnt as happy or lovey. She seemed distant, I called her out on it and she said she was sorry and was ok. Now October rolled by and she seemed even more distant. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was unhappy with herself, her mind was clouded, and she was getting dark thoughts. She wanted some time to get stronger, she didnt want me to always be her crutch all the time. We spent Thanksgiving together but it was off. When I asked about the holidays she broke it to me and said it's best of we didnt see other for them. I quit my job the beginning of the year and went to see her at hers with one of her favorite lunches. We spoke for a bit, no physical contact and she told me that shes changing and thinking and she wanted to break up. At a lost for words I dropped her off and thought about it. The next day I asked if I we could talk I tried to convince her but it didnt work. She was changing and that's what she wanted. She told me its time "it's time for you, focus in you" she said she loves me and she'll still be there but when I asked if shes still in love with me she couldnt answer it. I brought her to the spot we first had our date, I told her to delete my number but she didnt want to. I told her we were not getting back together. I told her she hurt me. She asked if we should hug I looked at her face and she ran my finger across her cheek and said goodbye. So now I am jobless and without her. I haven't spoken to her in about a week. She claims shes growing and changing but I fear she may be depressed deep down. Sorry this is so long but I thought maybe youd have some insight. Thanks


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