What Men Are Talking About Video Series: What Men Want 3 Tips To Drive Him Wild| Jaki Sabourin

This is the last video in my video series What Men Are Talking About: What Men Want-3 Tips To Drive Him Wild. In this video originally released in May, I discussed what men 50 and up want from women. This video touches on the law of attraction and will empower you if you are dating over 60!

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  1. I don't want to doubt you but if men are looking for long-term relationships with women over 50 then why are so many of them especially among the wealthy dating and marrying women half their age or more?

  2. Thank you for this video – Here's my question: What do you think of long vs. short engagements for retired singles in their 80s? My widowed boyfriend gave me a diamond–and added that he wants to be engaged for a year! I told him to keep it until he's ready for marriage. B


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