When Should Christians Start Dating? (As a Teenager, in College, 20s to 30s?)

When should Christians start dating? Is it okay for Christians to date in high school, in college, or only after you graduate and have a full time job?

The Bible doesn’t directly say anything about dating. So to answer this question, “When should a Christian start dating?” we need to do our best to apply general truths in the Bible to this specific question.

1. A Christian Should Start Dating When They Are “Ready” to Be Married
2. A Christian Should Start Dating When Ready to Commit to One Person
3. A Christian Should Start Dating When They Can’t Serve the Other Person Anymore in Friendship

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“When should a Christian start dating?” “What age should Christians date?” “Christian dating in high school”


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Comment (13)

  1. But sometimes God don't always show vision or signs about marriage sometimes . Christians have make a move. And God will perfect it. But God always shows signs and visions . God bless Y'all.

  2. Hi Mark. I had my best friend for almost 3 years(coming 3 years next month). I met him on Facebook. We were so close in a way that we know already everything about our lives and we're so comfortable inspite of the distance. And we can't deny the fact that we have mutual feelings to each other for a long time already. And also we're both Christians. What's struggling me nowadays is we jump in to the relationship level for 5 months now already. And I'm unsure if our decision we're right?since we haven't met each other yet in person and also we're still in school and don't have stable jobs yet. Also, he believes that I am the right person God was given to him and he made a promise to marry me. But we need to wait to be financially ready for him to fly over here in my country or maybe me flying over to his country to meet him in person. My concern is, did we made the right decision on jumping to the relationship earlier before meeting up physically?

  3. Hey Mark, how do I cultivate a healthy friendship with a guy? Are there boundaries that shouldn't be crossed? What if we are both like each other, but want to know each other more through friendship. We've been friends since last year, and only recently have we become close. The bible says that we women should guard our gardens and hearts, but because the guy I like is my best friend, I naturally tell him my struggles, history, everything. How do I not give him my heart unconsciously?

  4. How do you start dating someone and ask them what their long term goals are (in marriage) without freaking them out? When is the right time to ask them if you're not official yet?


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