Why I’m No Longer Given Black Women Advice

Why I’m No Longer Given Black Women Advice

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  1. All you do Ringo is call BW b******, H@e$, thots, & gold diggers! You provide no solutions for black unity between black men and black women. SOLUTION: keep in check the white woman you have on your shirt. You're a joke for views.

  2. Can you make a video about why women are around Floyd Mayweather, this dude is the man, the champ, a legend. And I don't think women like him at all, but why are they around him? Can you talk about that please

  3. The problem u guys are having is control. You have to let it all go take the red pill u know u cant control a women so just keep her close and watch her hang herself. Sooner or later she will get connected to you but dont never get in a relationship just treat her like a queen its the ultimate head game ignore her alot but when u do see her treat her like gold and dont forget to always mention u dont want no relationship. The more u like the more u should ignore her.

  4. You are so right Ringo, it’s not just black men supporting you. I’m a white dude and I absorb everything you say. Epic content brother, keep it coming. Not surprised about the vids for women being given up.

  5. I could've told you that a long time ago. Talking to women is like talking to a fucking wall! They're not worth trying to talk sense to them. Like james Evans told Florida on good times, there's only two places for a woman: THE BEDROOM AND THE KITCHEN! thats it! That's their only worth!

  6. Yeah don’t save these hoes . They don’t wanna be saved they are on they own . Get a good one and look out for her . These black women are far out. Every issue you have with them they always retort to He must hate his momma. Like how dumb is that like I don’t want to date my momma .

  7. Black Women are awesome! However, the biggest flaw that I see over the years is the independent mindset and I can do bad all by myself attitude/mentality. I see the character of the black woman and I try my best to deal with it but overtime I wake up and realize I’m wasting time. So I definitely understand where you coming from.

  8. In a functional society it is the job of a woman's family to raise her. By the time you meet her she should be ready to go out of the box "No Assembly Required". Train your daughters NOT your wives. If she must be trained then she is NOT wife material. "Return to Sender".

  9. Your mistake was trying. The only women you should be leading are ones in your family. If you are not married to her, dating her or raising her you have no business directing her. Women respond to authority NOT good advice.

  10. Ringo your good deeds will be rewarded !women failed to take directions from the most high but let cardi b make a song with all of your teachings then women will think it’s hotter than fish grease

  11. I dont blame you, Ringo. They're mad because you said something that needed to be addressed, not because you were wrong. Their reactions proved it because only hit dogs holler.

  12. Don't blame u bro.. If u ain't putting these hoes on a pedestal like them porkChristians pastors do? They got no time.. Only thing these women worship is 'their own delusional power' i.e "white Jesus" bc he agrees wt all their wickedness…
    Shalawam ach..

  13. They are born evil I am truly believing mentally broken at birth, rarely do any of them want the truth, why, because evil and lying is far more fun to females, why else do they chase down no good men, who ruin thier lives, because they chose his no good ass! The Bible says dwell with Women according to Knowledge! And that Knowledge is she wants to destroy good desent men! Females demand men do awful things to be with them sexually, otherwise she will cut off access to her pussy!

    Why would a man who lives as The Most High directs us, give so much weight to no good females! Who desire bad acts from men, to be sexually attracted to us!

  14. "Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved don't save her (I DONT WANNA BE SAAAAVED)"
    As comical as it sounds Three Six Mafia taught me that when I was younger. That woman's adlib at the end of each hook always wrang in my ears not only can you not save them THEY DONT WANNA BE SAVED in the first place.

  15. Ringo, I thank you so much for telling us the REAL MARRIAGE PROCESS. That she needs to be a virgin. Deuteronomy 22:13-21. I used to think that it was only having sex. You can't marry a whore, so it makes sense.


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