Why Men Don't Put More Effort Into the Relationship?

It’s frustrating when men don’t put much effort into the relationship right? You can complain about it. You can get angry about it. You can call all men lazy or you can inspire him to want to make the effort by what I’m about to share with you.

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  1. Thank you Renee for your video ❤️ even though i get less and less hope when i see how some men treat their girlfriends and wives. but oh well, i guess that meant they weren't always attuned into what they're getting themselves into. with the right knowledge that you and D shen give to us (and i thank god you exist, most of the other dating coaches just fuel my fears and don't do this and that) combined with letting go and really just going for the ride of falling in love, there's nothing to be afraid of.

  2. Women want get married or commit to a serious relationship based on how they feel about the man and how they feel about themselves when they are with the man. Men want to get serious or get married when they are ready to do so in terms of their lives and careers and when all the guys in their group of friends start getting married.

  3. ​ TheFeminineWoman you write an article awhile back and I have kept it to this day!!! please do a video on it! I beg of you! its about catty women being jealous of FEMININE women! how much being feminine is a threat to women. You brought up some work examples to on how and why some women envy the feminine woman

  4. My dear if a guy really loves you he will never put you in such position where you will feel like you have to beg him .Am in five years relationship he is everything I ever wanted and more he apologize even when am the one at fault.


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