Why Should I Forgive After An Affair?

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  2. Yes definitely forgive yourself and your significant other.. And Get Away from them . Move on. It just 99% never will have trust again nor work out.

  3. jennah G. i wasnt competting with anyone. this baby mama was a prostitute who tricked him into beliving she was content wit life after one child already. instead she used dat to draw pity n got close to him bcus we were in diferent countries at d time. she equips herself with all our conversations n learnt all about us. we always discuss kids n she felt it was d way out for her so she planned it n got pregnant. d moment she put to bed realising i was ok with accepting the child. she started fighting us that i ought to get angry n leave instead of acepting wat she did. He has bn my man years bfr she came into the picture n he told me d moment she told him abt d pregnancy for first month which he tried to convince her to terminate n she refused. she is a far older dan d both of us n only tried to use d child to destroy us bcus she tried to make him love her n he keeps telling her its not possible so to get back at him she decided to to hurt us both not that she even loved him. bcus she is still a hooker. am offended by ur language. All men cheat, there is no saint amongs them especially when their spouse can provide sex for a long time. my marriage mean alot to me and am a christian thats why i seek advice. my Baby is born hale n harty. n am not going no where. thanks for ur advice. there is no better man out there than the one i have already. i wont Divorce n be a single mother. thanks.

  4. My boyfriend of 10years before marriage got another girl pregnant n she put to bed the next month after our marriage, as if that's not enough she made a joke of my marriage n tried to push me away so she can stay with her baby daddy she fought so hard we all were traumatised. She called threatened and warned me daily to keep off but Unfortunately things turned against her and my husband and i got back together now am pregnant and its a High risk pregnancy so no sex. My husband is sleeping around with different women I happen to no one of them who is a divorcee and he forced me to acept her as a family friend. He has been doing this over n over n over again, now am really hurt bcus i now know that he will never change but am pregnant n have now where to go. What must I do? Am fed up am hurting and am scared he might get us in some s eriouse trouble someday if I keep taking him back.
    I need advice pls.

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  8. Forgiving after an affair is a must! First you must forgive your partner for YOU not for them. The longer you hold on to the pain and hurt the more destructive it becomes to your life and eats away at your soul. A marriage does not have to end after someone steps out if BOTH PARTIES want the marriage BUT several steps have to happen before you can really start the rebuilding process. First the adulterer needs to be very remorseful and sincere in his apology. Counseling is a must for each other and then together. You need to talk about it and ask specific questions. It isn't always about just one person stepping out. If a wife is not giving her husband what he needs, he will probably stray. If a husband is not giving his wife what she needs, she'll do the same. We as humans need affection, touch, to feel loved, wanted and desired. We need to feel appreciated by our partner. This is why communication is key!!

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  11. Guys and gals, if someone cheats, they had time to think about it, it was planned…when you catch them….run and dont look back….love yourself and find someone that truly loves you….

  12. That's a lot to go through to restore a marriage that was not honored by either partner. This couple is an extreme example. Forgiveness doesn't have to be quite that challenging… I hope people do not have to survive a near death experience in order to be intimate with their spouse!

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  15. Marriage isn't hard it all depends on the person you marry I know people that have been married for 30, 40, and 50 years. Also a lot of people don't pray to God to send them their mates instead they focus on how good the sex is or how attractive the person is or if they got a good job or if they are making money. I also believe in dating a person for awhile before getting married to see if you are compatible and have the same goals and marriage commitments as well as communication which is very important, you must be able to communicate with your spouse once you stop communicating your marriage is just about over. Also the number one problem that ends marriages is Cheating and Finance I know it can be hard sometimes, but you never give up on love and marriage, so just pray to God that he sends you the right man or woman in your life.

  16. Lmao this is why I don’t mess with religion. If people have gotten stabbed and someone died (which sounds suspicious af if you ask me), y’all should not be together.

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  18. God gives you permission to divorce for infidelity. I dont want someone that is sleeping with another. Too dangerous nowadays. I let my spouse go because of many other women and lack of repentance

  19. The only thing keeping me from walking out the door is my kids who are now teens and my financial situation…my love for her took a significant hit after her affair now it's more like a business arrangement

  20. How powerful is that People need to know that relationship without God is destine to failure Jesus say without him we cant do nothing and when we try to do it without him the enemy of our soul will be happy to take control…..lets hope that people will learn from that experience

  21. I applauded from my garage. My wife nailed some fat dude and held onto the lie for 9 years. I interrogated her 40+ times she lied to everyone we involved to help. 1 month ago I brought it up again while I was out of town she threatened divorce, child spt, and alimony. I emailed her all the things that created joy in my life 2 hours later she confessed. I caught them in a emotional affair she was 24 he was 44. I Played softball with the guy. I was 22. After I caught them is when she F- him in the Jeep I bought her . She went back for more what she says is oral 2 times but somehow the last time he stripped naked and he only tongued her???? Bull shit! But I’ll take her word for it.
    God has helped me in massive ways i never thought i could become the person I am now and it’s only been 1 month . Last night I took her on a date some guy noticed her going to the bathroom on her way back to the table he left the bar stepped infringe of her stopping her dead in her tracks I watched and he made her smile like I could never do. I tried all night to be pro happy thinking of ways to just talk common talk and jokes it’s really sad I am super hot dude and I get rail roaded. Why did she not get anger with the guy from the bar and say get out of my way. Instead she waited for him to say something . She did tell him she was married he respected that but why didn’t he look for a ring before he spoke?


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