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When you’re being needy and clingy, all she wants to do is get away from you.

A needy and clingy man is the LAST thing she wants and after a while, she gets to the point where she can no longer handle it. It becomes too much for her.

Instead, give her space, relax, be cool, and don’t feel the need to be needy and clingy.


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Comment (31)

  1. Yes this was good im dating a man like this and it is so draining hes constantly calling me and and if i say i'll call u back im working he calls before I can call him back i dont know how much more i can take .

  2. I know it's annoying when guys over do it and forget to give space.
    I find it's better to give the person space and time.

    I agree a guy should stop being jealous over nothing chill out.
    I used to be that way in the past one of mistakes I used to do. But now I'm trying to give the guy some space doing my own things I haven't forgot about him. He should be happy that I'm giving space a bit. I'm listening to music I like watching movies I like doing other things because I don't want be the clingy girl.
    So I don't understand why would he be upset for. When I'm giving him what he wants while doing my own things.
    If he wanna to chat he should contract me if he want to not but for now I just give him space a bit.

  3. I completely disagree! It's men that like the chase, not women! When a man is texting or/and calling every day, it feels so nice and prevents anxiety! It also lets a girl know that a man is thinking of her and desires her and only her. What's so unattractive about it is what I can't understand.

  4. I can totally attest to this. I had to have a gentle, but firm conversation with a guy who I had been on two dates with. He was texting me every morning with "good morning beautiful!". I was away seeing my family for a week after my first date and he messaged me constantly every single day and wanted to have really pointless small talk. Like dude…I am with my family I want to be present with them, just like if I was with you I wouldn't be texting someone else the whole time. It just go so overwhelming because I felt like I had become this guy's world and he didn't even know me. He said I was his perfect girl but we had barely spoken about anything besides the weather and the movies we liked. It's just too much. I felt bad but I think it is important the people realize that this behavior stems from insecurity; when you don't know someone but you cling to them that much.

  5. A guy at school has a crush on me and he always says “(My name) + (His name)= A kwute cople111!!1!
    Its so annoying and when i tell him “Stop” He nevers listens. Even the teacher once talked to him about this.

  6. i need to send this this this guy Parker. Iv'e been talking to him for less than a week and i already know his whole backstory. He was cute and funny at first but now it's just annoying

  7. I really needed this! Past 4 women I dated have called me clingy, I haven't been in many relationships so I can see how this is me but its becoming a damaging part of my life because I can be with this great person that I like then all the sudden I do something that just destroys it, and it's almost pushed me to just wanting to give up so I needed this!! Thank you! I now know what area in particular I must work on.

  8. It was cool at first but I'm getting SEVERELY ANNOYED at this new boyfriend. He's sweet giving loving but omg to much!!!!!!! He will not let me eat without him feeding me even and it's getting WEIRD. It's not ok to be needy makes em look psycho

  9. In all honesty; nobody knows what being needy is; especially women. If a guy calls you instead of texting; he's needy. If a guy say's high how was your day; he's needy. If a guy wants to take you out on a date; he's needy. If a guy just wants a few hours of your time to himself without your cell phone; he's needy. If someone is looking for an opportunity to get to know you; he's needy. If your boyfriend compliments you; he's needy. If a guy is genuinely kind to you all the time; he's needy. If a guy is always supportive of you pushing you to be a better you; he's needy. Should I go on? And yes women their are some guys who act like this toward you. And their are some guys who are actually needy people, or the correct term would be jealous, angry, abusive, possessive individuals. Which is different from a who actually cares about a female who doesn't appreciate him. Men to this advice stop chasing these unethical women and looking like idiots. She's probably using you for food, and compliments, while she's sleeping with some jerk who treats her like crap. Have respect for yourself and let the right women come to you, and when you finally find her; cherish her because an actually good kind women is literally like finding a needle in a haystack these days.
    And for all the women who dislike what i'm saying, and are like all men are dogs. Then I'll go tell you to go ask most of these so called guys why they became players, and dogs. And most of them will tell you. I was a nice guy and tried to treat women with respect, but they kept rejecting me and using me because they thought I was weak. So in-turn I finally gave them what they wanted I became the ass-whole they wanted and stated treating them like shit. Ladies players are like racist their not born that way its a taught behavior; think about it.
    Once again my fellow men stop chasing these immoral women; aka if you ask a girl whats the difference between Lingerie, and a bikini and she says the fabric. Drop her bro shes an immoral, attention seeking Jezebel, and she aint worth your time or money; peace out. "IT'S TIME FOR MEN TO START BEING MEN AGAIN, AND LEAVE THESE ILLOGICAL LITTLE GIRLS ALONE!"

  10. I have a question and I really hope you can answer it. This girl that I like a lot has told me "dont cling so hard, im doing stuff" and anyway, long story short, how do you RECOVER after you've already come off as clingy? How do you get her to change her mind and unlabel you as clingy? how do you get her wanting to chase you again?

  11. I have a clingy male friend. and I made the mistake of giving him advice and he know thinks that he needs me and a friend of ours bc we have given him advise. I didn't realize how bonkers he is. he has a crush on this coworker and still gather gagues the situation like in high school…"she smiled at me!", "she asked me to do OT at her area!"…. He's like 35.


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