Women Love A Little Mystery In A Man

Modern men have been conditioned to always reassure women of where they stand, their interest in women, always expressing their feelings & more. However, this leaves men with little to no mystery about them, causing women to become bored of a man’s predictability.

In this Attraction Tips video I’m going to be discussing why women love a little mystery in a man, why instilling a some mystery in your relationship is important for her attraction & how you can maintain mystery to keep her attraction level relatively high.
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Comment (12)

  1. COACH! How do you handle being misterious in a commited relationship? This is just a bit long but I'm sure it can be a challenge topic for you.

    My gf and I have been together 5 months total(3months bf-gf) and I have TOO many mixed signals, still young, im 21 and shes 19. I've always been the player type but was super nice to start the relationship keeping it super sexual. My gf's quite mature but doesnt chase like in the start (normal, maybe?), but also is very invested in the relationship but less sex because of university homework and hard days(and less horny and wet). She does set a tone for a serious and commited relationship and values trust really much, we study in the same university and I go to see her after class before I leave as I work in other businesses outside, sometimes go study to her home as she lives alone and I dont. She even bought me one of the tickets to go with her to her family in a weekly vacations right now(her family has a lot of money and I used to but am in a family crisis thus being an entrepreneur outside of the U). BUTTT, I can't have space, IFFF I dont talk to her in the day, (ex.I post a story to ig (as a music producer or working in other projects)) she gets mad like, "where are you why wont you speak" and genuinely get mad, starts pondering about what we have, she demands quite a lot of attention so I don't know how to handle it as I don't want to be always there but also not there; as her bf she wants to know what i'm doing and I cant be misterious – she always tells me what shes doing and its cute and tender.

    Also, sometimes shes really really loving and sometimes is 0 loving and doesnt speak much (in her mind due to work and maybe true), we had a discussion because I told her sincerely that her lack of time was affecting the quality time we spent together, told her I valued making love to her a lot (at the start when we met in vacations it was every day and now like once a week) and going to her house to sleep a day before waking up early for university without it because she was stressed and too tired wasn't that cool with me even if I understood her stress. She listened and we made love. The weekend later she got stressed thinking about the topic because she knows the topic discussed is true but said she cant give me the time I demand because of her life plan (shes studying civil engineering, extra credits, to continue her legacy in her dad's firm). I told her that's basically like telling me we can't be together because of what I was looking for and she emphasized she was NOT breaking up, she did NOT like the idea of breaking up. We sat and talked and I told her if that's the case I would need to adjust to her needs too and we would need to organize to set times to see each other with quality time(This was before she bought tickets and shows her commitment). So okay, but she continously makes shit tests (in the start never as she chased me and I was the player kind, but not anymore with her), and sometimes we dont even have things to talk about, but have great times in the weekends. It even confuses me because I don't enjoy her shit tests and loved how she chased at the start, now its kinda 50-50 and when occupied and stressed answers not amorously and I tell her I dont like it but she continues the conversation and its like wtf and I think to myself its boring and I want to keep it playfull but cant haha.

    I don't know what to think as she doesn't seem as attracted to me sexually compared to the start and I value sex a lot and it lowers MY attraction plus she kinda doesnt let me be my past player self but its what attracted her in the first place and then through my honesty and good will fell in love, is it normal or kinda justified due to her hard "worklife"? It confuses me because she continously shows investment in the relationship, and I know she does have it tough in the university, and if I give space she reacts, but if im always there attraction lowers and stresses her.

    Hard trade off and I want to continue in love and not stressed like she is too, what are your thoughts on this?

  2. That’s awesome coach will probably cross paths at some point unbeknownst but I love this area I’ve been here for about five years now and I’ve lived all over the city but wic is my favorite but LP is nice too!!

  3. Shit I fucked up then! I went with the girl which I recently talked to you about who found out some video of me from the past and it was a blast. Heavy make out and I was suprised by her openess to do this. However we started texting again and I told her that I had been thinking about her and want to look into her beautiful eyes again (ouch) She asked me what I was thinking of and said she also really wanted to see me. I told her that I would tell her in person and that she should wear something that I like. She agreed. Did I tell her too much?

  4. Fuck what women love. After several years of pickup game, with little results. Im tired of becoming something i am not to play this stupid game women make all men play. And most men will blindly play it fighting for the table scraps that are single whorish women.

    We live in a degenerate society. Debauchery is rampant and so are std’s. MGTOW is the only way. Women only bring pain into your life and any baby boomer that tells you different is a lost soul who had their fight in them taken a long time ago by some old cheating bitch.

    The entire PUA industry is revolved around becoming something you were originally not. I was originally shy and i forced myself to not be shy and it was obvious. I got better at faking not being shy but it always wore on my energy significantly, draining me as a person.

    Being someone you are not destroys you as a person


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